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Brockway 457T

All across this great country of ours classic trucks like this Brockway 457T are emerging from a winter of sleep. At times it seemed like this day would never come but it has. Long live the days of spring and … Continue reading

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Remember when we used to play National Grid truck bingo? Well, at least I did. It was fun for awhile until I stopped seeing any trucks other than Freightliner M2 bucket trucks. A man can not live on Business Class … Continue reading

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Brockway Trucks 2018

I’m sure on that fateful day in 1977 when the Brockway Truck factory was closed for good few dared to dream that 41 years later the name would not be lost to the pages of time. The idea that someday … Continue reading

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Farm Country

You could say my new house resides in farm country. But to me more specific it resides next to one farm that is very active with most, if not all, the surrounding fields. That’s all right by me. I’ll take … Continue reading

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Go Hasties

Go Hasties! It sounds like the slogan of Division III football team. If you’re from the Sacramento area you know that Hasties is the go to location for all your aggregate needs. Ryan need some mulch recently so he went … Continue reading

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Freightliner EconicSD

You know me by now. You know that I like to put a positive spin on these new plastic trucks. Well, I’ve met my match in the form of the Freightliner EconicSD. This thing is way too strange for my … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Waste Expo of the Past

Did you know Waste Expo 2018 is taking place this week? Of course you did. I won’t have any coverage of this event but we can look at a few trucks that back in the day could have been found … Continue reading

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Emergency Exit

This past summer I spent some time in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. One day the wife and I decided to visit the local roadside attraction of Crystal Cave. The idea of enjoying a simple road side attraction of days gone by … Continue reading

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At the Dealer – Trucks in the Sun

Look at this glorious site. Trucks! Clean trucks! Clean trucks in the sun! It has been months since I’ve seen anything close to this scene. And, to top it off, these trucks are in a color other than white! Amazing! … Continue reading

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At the Dealer – International HX

Will the International HX be a worthy successor to the Paystar line of trucks? Only time will tell but based on looks alone I’m pleased with what I see. Here we have a HX620 with Henderson gear all around. You’ll … Continue reading

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