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A Fast UPS Truck

I went to the Syracuse Nationals the other weekend, it’s one of the largest car shows on the east coast with over 8,000 registered vehicles. This is the only picture I took. Don’t cry for me, I was there to … Continue reading

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1976 International Loadstar

Ah, it’s time to say goodbye to this old rig. We first took a look at this old rig back in 2011 when Davis Wallbridge was still using it on the job. And even then, the picture was from 2007! … Continue reading

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2019 ATCA Macungie – Part III

This will be the last video in the series. I have a few more clips from the loading zone that I’ll work into a future video but until that time……enjoy.

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Autocar Mondays – Macungie 2019

Wow, check out this beauty. It’s a 1980 A64-BT powered by a Caterpillar diesel. It’s just one of the many great Autocar trucks that made the trip to the ATCA National Meet in Macungie PA.  Believe me when I tell … Continue reading

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2019 ATCA Macungie – Part II

Geez, I sure do hope these two Oshkosh wreckers are actually in this video or else this title card is an awful tease.

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The Last RTS

Seven years ago I went to Walt Disney World for a vacation but in reality I went to film the legendary mass transit bus, the RTS. Back in 2012 the bus was already long in the tooth by modern standards … Continue reading

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Looking at Trucks – Reno 2019

It really is impossible to capture all the great trucks that attend an ATHS national show. Oh, you can try but chances are you won’t have any fun while mad dashing through the rows squeezing off photos left and right. … Continue reading

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ATCA Macungie National Meet – Video Part One

Do you doubt the greatness that is Macungie? Join the ranks of the believers.

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ATCA Macungie 2019 – Part 1

Between the ATHS national show in Reno and the ATCA national meet in Macungie we’re are going to spend the rest of the summer looking at antique trucks. This year I tried the strategy of arriving late, leaving just enough … Continue reading

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Classic Logging Trucks

One of the appeals of the ATHS National Show moving west to east across the country over three years is the wide variety of trucks and regional influences captured. An east coast show is always heavy with overbuilt trucks wearing … Continue reading

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