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A Face for Radio

So did you notice that your favorite site was down for the count for most of the past 36 hours? Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know either. All it took to get back online was a short 45 minute call … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – 1968 Locomotive Mover

Never send a train to do an Autocar’s job. Over the decades this Autocar DC of McHugh Locomotive has done its fair share of heavy hauling for one of the premier over sized load handlers of the northeast. I’m not … Continue reading

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World Record Holder

Back during the 2017 ATHS National Convention a little event was held on the final day. The goal was to set the new world record for the most simultaneous truck engines starting in one location. I forget the exact verbiage but … Continue reading

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What is Piggy Back?

Back in my college days I took an elective class by the name of Economic History of the United States 1900-1980. Yup, that was an elective. Not pottery. Not basket weaving. Hey, at least it was better than my other … Continue reading

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Better Luck Next Year

There has been a little road project in town involving the removal of elevated highway and associated bridges. It started this past spring and began with the demolition of three buildings and a number of billboards. Next came the removal … Continue reading

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Crane Carrier Company

Hey, did you know the Crane Carrier Company is still building trucks? It’s easy to think the CCC name faded away with the glory days of the trucking industry. So many great specialty nameplates like Hayes, FWD, and Marmom are … Continue reading

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Still Working – Mack RL700L

Take a look a this pristine Mack RL700L still working for a living. You could take this truck to any classic truck show and tell people it was a barn queen and they would believe but would probably scoff in … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Heavy Haul of the Netherlands

Greetings from the Netherlands! This picture perfect A-Car and backdrop could grace any postcard. In 1979 this DC10364B rolled out of the Autocar plant in Belgium after being equipped with Cummins NTC350, a Fuller 13 speed and a Rockwell 65,000 pound … Continue reading

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Sun Spots

This is the one. If I could bring back any truck from the rows of old ‘Binders resting at the Tackaberry Collection this would be the one. I can only imagine what this truck looked like back in its prime … Continue reading

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Center Point Steering

Now that I’ve moved to a new home my morning commute has increased by 25 mintues. That’s a big jump from the ten minutes it used to be on a bad day. But don’t shed a tear for me yet. … Continue reading

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