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Room with a View

We had a bit of snow last week. It was more than enough to coat the roads and bring out the plows. Usually this is the type of weather that would send me searching for action but with a newborn … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – New England Trio

Back in the good old days every other heavy duty vocational truck in New England was either an Autocar or Mack. The numbers have changed dramatically over the years but you don’t have to look to hard find an old … Continue reading

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Preston – The 151 Line

Preston, the 151 line. While the company is now a fallen flag it once had a service territory that included much of the country found east of the Mississippi River. It was difficult to travel any stretch of interstate and … Continue reading

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The International Lineup

Earlier this week International unveiled the final truck in their completely revamped lineup, the CV. As we’ve discussed before the CV is a joint venture between International and GM with both companies receiving their own unique model to sell through … Continue reading

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2018 ATCA Northeastern PA – The Photos

You might have seen the videos from the 2018 ATCA Northeastern PA classic truck show but have you seen the photos? The answers is no because I have not posted them until this very moment. Better late than never is … Continue reading

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The Class of 2018

Here they are folks, the new plows of 2018. Below, a Western Star 4700 for an unknown recipient. The Town of Dewitt Highway Department is located .3 miles from the Tracey Road Equipment HQ. Here is their brand new 114SD. … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Sanford and Son

The sun might be setting behind this Autocar ACL but it hasn’t set on it. This truck is still working hard for the Town of Sanford, NY and looks to be in great shape. I can’t tell you much about … Continue reading

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Fix Or Repair Daily

Check out this old Ford that was keeping the Brockways from yesterday company. It has stripes that only the late 70’s or early 80’s could produce. I hope it is never repainted. And like the Brockways, Suit Kote still runs … Continue reading

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Brockways Revisited

It was a long hot summer around these parts. When you look at this photo of a Brockway 361 cooking away in a field outside of Homer, NY you can nearly feel that heat. The cool weather has just settled … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Expedite This

If you’ve ever spent any time travelling Interstate 81 North or South between Syracuse and the Canadian border you know that there isn’t much to see. Just about the only thing that keeps you awake is the constant threat of … Continue reading

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