Almost Had It

On the commute to work this morning I came across a great truck shot; a Peterbilt with a triaxle lowboy. Between the incline of the road and the cold weather the pipes were smoking away. The early morning light and cold air really made the chicken lights stand out. On the back of the trailer was a unique load, a tracked off road dump truck. I was in the passenger seat which gave me the perfect angle on the rig. Looking up the road I could see a break in traffic coming from the opposite direction. The stars were lining up. I rolled down and the window, grabbed my camera and framed the shot. My finger hovered over the shutter button. I was just seconds away from an amazing photo. One, two, three…generic Honda CUV enters the frame at the last possible second and ruins everything. *RAGE FACE*


Not all was lost, the truck, a Peterbilt from Moulton’s Towing was taking the same path as me to the interstate. I was able to grab a few “through the windshield” pics before he disappearedĀ over the horizon. Here is the best one.


Last year Dan was able to catch the same truck carrying another tracked piece of equipment in western New York. Click here to see. No Hondas got in his way.

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5 Responses to Almost Had It

  1. Jim says:

    That looks like the tracked dump that has been “working” in the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge near Seneca Falls.

  2. Jim says:

    Easily two years, and the equipment never seems to move.

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