Autocar Mondays – The Old and The Older

This week for Autocar Truck Mondays we return to one of the original Autocars to be featured on this site. Regular visitors may remember this truck from posts back in 2011 and 2012. Hopefully you’re not bored with it yet. The most recent visit by this Construcktor is enhanced by some video footage which is a first for this truck on this site. Also included is some footage of the later model Autocar ACL posted last week on the storm sewer/sanitary sewer separation job in Armory Square.

This truck is in really great shape and I think it gets better each time I see it. All the sheet metal appears straight and rust free. A great job by the owner has been done to keep this truck in near perfect condition.

Autocar Construcktor - Click to Enlarge

Autocar Construcktor – Click to Enlarge

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