Cleveland Wrecking – Bristol-Myers Squibb

Part 1

This weekend I spent some time truck hunting with DDD regular Dan. One of the locations we scouted was the ongoing demo project at the Bristol-Myers Squibb complex in East Syracuse, NY. Despite being a sunny Saturday afternoon we found a great deal activity. Scrap metal was being sorted and rubble was being formed into a ramp. Thanks to Dan for pointing this out as it led to some fantastic action shots two days later.

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The video below gives you a good idea of what we saw on Saturday. It was impressive to see so many types heavy equipment working in close proximity to each other while working on separate tasks. The Cat 973C track loader was busy creating a ramp with material supplied by a large Case excavator. Further down the site excavators with grapples and demolition shears sorted through mountains of steel and iron.

All of this activity was to prep the site for Monday when the ramp would be put to good use. Come back tomorrow to see the huge Case in action as it brings buildings tumbling to the ground.

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