Freightliner Inspiration

Look, it’s another super trucker cruising down the highway doing everything else but actually driving. Don’t worry! This truck drives itself. Actually, if you’re somewhat rational or have watched any movies regarding autonomous technology you should probably worry just a tiny bit. Today Frieghtliner announced the latest incarnation of it Super Truck, the Freightliner Inspiration, the first street legal self driving semi in the United States.


I was asleep at switch on this announcement so I’m going to hand it off to the professionals at Jalopnik, specifically their Truck Yeah! team to explain all the intricate details of what ultimately will become the reality of trucking around the world. Self driving semis. Or, at the very least, a self driving truck containing a very bored human until something goes horribly wrong. Then we can blame the guy and not the machine. I kid. I kid.

I’ve aggregated the relevant news outlets (hey, it works for the Drudge Report) below.

The Street Legal Self Driving Semi Truck Is Real, Here’s How It Works – Jalopnik

Official Freightliner Inspiration website for the photos, videos and press releases you could ever need!

Image Source: Freightliner Trucks

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