Lost and Found – White 3000

A White 3000 awaits it’s fate in East Syracuse.

I assume this White 3000 has been here for quite some time, years perhaps, maybe decades.  I never noticed the truck until earlier this year while browsing through a map of East Syracuse.  The map images on Bing were detailed just enough to make out the basic shape and color of the truck.  However, based on the buildings in the image that were torn down nearly 5 years ago I wondered if the truck was still resting in the weeds.  A quick trip over the Clark Street bridge revealed it was indeed still waiting for some uknown fate.  Access to the White proved to be easier said than done.  The local roads quickly turned from slightly cracked to surface of the moon quality cratered.  Clearly better suited to the garbage and CSX crew trucks that are it’s regulars users.   I definitely gained a new level of respect for my Mazda 6 when all was said and done.

No markings or signage exist on the truck anymore.  The drivers side door is completely missing and the windshield has been smashed into oblivion.  Despite these obvious deficiencies the metal work on the truck is still solid.   Based on the gauges in the cab it looks like this truck used to be used in asphalt or road oiling.  This White still has many usable parts and put into the right hands it could be salvaged and returned to the road.

The White 3000 line of trucks was introduced in the 1949 and phased out some time around 1960’s.  It’s hard to determine the exact age of this truck.  If you have any information please let me know by emailing eric@dailydieseldose.com

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  1. Joe says:

    Wow! Another great find Eric. This truck used to belong to Empire Asphalt which used to reside in Solvay up the road from Crucible Steel. Their yard was clearly visible from 690 and is now used by some other contractor. I don’t live in the area anymore so not sure who the new resident is.

    I always regret not getting pictures of the Empire fleet. They had a White Compact distributor too along with (2) Brockway 158’s, a Brockway 759, a Ford NT950 and some Mack RD’s if I remember correctly.

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