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This past February there was a large water main break in a part of downtown Syracuse known as Armory Square. For some reason the local media latched on to this story and rode it into the earth with stories of crumbling infrastructure and businesses dying on the vine due to lack of water. While people wrung their hands in fear I smiled internally knowing that come spring the streets would have to be repaired meaning dump trucks and other heavy equipment in full force. Ooooh yeah. Welcome to how my mind works.

The permanent repair work started this Monday with the removal of the patch work that was placed in February. Three dump trucks were on hand to haul away the material.

Mack Truck – Click to Enlarge

Two days later finds half of the street and sidewalks ready for replacement. As of this morning concrete work was finishing up and the pavers were on hand waiting to pounce. Dual stacks on this Vogele.


Vogele Paver – Click to Enlarge

The other half of the street still awaits repair so maybe next week I’ll have some footage of the paver in action. I also grabbed some video of the Cat backhoe in action as well as the Mack dump truck from above. Stay tuned! If you haven’t clicked on the video link at the top page yet please do so. I think you will enjoy what you find.


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