2015 National Brockway Truck Show

Do you remember the debacle from last year in which I brought a video camera with a near dead battery forcing me to record only the first five minutes of the Brockway Truck parade? Of course you do. I’m sure many of you still see a therapist because of that horrible day. This year I made sure I had a fully charged battery. In fact, I brought three. It’s a good thing I did because the 2015 National Brockway Truck show was one for the record books. I don’t have official count but through anecdotal observation (the best kind of observation) this year was one of the biggest to date. If the 2015 show didn’t win on truck count alone it surely took the prize for the number of a new trucks and owners that made the trip. From pristine restorations to just found survivors this show had them all and then some. The Brockway name may no longer be in production but it is far from forgotten. Congratulations to all the volunteers and others who make this show possible year after year. You really pulled of a good one. The proof is in the pudding as they say so here is 15 minutes of parade coverage.

At certain times I stopped recording to give myself a break or take some still photos. If you don’t see your favorite truck please know it wasn’t personal. There were simply so many! Standing near the start of the parade route was a great location. The trucks roaring up the grade with the rolling hills of CNY in the background produced some great photos and videos.

Brockway 760 Truck

Below, a combination of video stills and photos. After discovering a time warp I was somehow able to make it from the Brockway Museum to downtown Cortland before a majority of the trucks. There I was able to grab even more footage of the action including wandering down main street as the trucks arrived. If you couldn’t make it to the show just wait until tomorrow. You’ll feel like you were there!

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