Boneyard Madness

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New Year! Old Trucks

Decades of research went into this video. Happy 2024!

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Autocar Mondays – Under My Nose

I’ve know for awhile now(Autocar Mondays – So Close) that just down the street there was a regular user of Autocar trucks but I had no idea they ran not just one…but three!

Just a few weeks ago I noticed the green one kicking around the L.B.D. lot but now that seems to be joined by an orange DK. On the bumper you can read the script of Medway Block, a company that recently closed in Massachusetts so it appears the fleet is actively under expansion!

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Oshkosh P2323 Plow Truck

Check out this beautiful 1973 Oshkosh P2323 snow plow recently shared by Jim.

The truck is powered by a Cummins 855 producing 250 HP which was probably considered big power back in the day. As with any good plow truck it comes equipped with full time 4×4 and a selection of gearing from the 5 speed main and 3 speed auxiliary. Both front and rear axles are rated at 23,000. This rig is tipping the scales at nearly 23k without its 12ft plow.

Let it snow!

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Plowing Season Is Coming – International B-Series Pickup

One good puff of a wind and this old B-Series pickup may just fold up and blow away in a giant cloud of red rust. You see it now as it sits along RT 20 in Seneca Falls, NY. 2023.

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2023 ATCA Northeastern PA Truck Show – Part 2

You never know what’s around the corner so any chance you get to do so….go to a truck show!

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2023 ATCA Northeastern PA Truck Show – Part 1

As each winter begins to fade away and the annual truck show calendar begins to take shape I wistfully fill my calendar with dates and locations for shows that I will most likely never attend. While many shows never work out for me…I was able to attend the classics that always provide more than enough bang for the buck.

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2023 Brockway Truck Show – The Huskie Run

Truck shows are great but it’s always a little more enjoyable when the trucks and drivers get to stretch their legs. The Annual Brockway Truck Show has long hosted The Huskie Drive as a part of their annual festivities. The 2023 edition was one of the best attended with over 40 trucks traveling the beautiful country side of CNY.

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2023 ESATA Annual Show

Along the lines the CNY ATHS show, the Empire State Antique Truck Association annual show, formerly know as the ATHS Western NY chapter, has long been a stable contributor of summer time truck show goodness.

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2023 CNY ATHS Truck Show

One of the original truck shows that I have attended for decades, long before the idea of the site, wife or child!

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