Vitale Heavy Hauling

I didn’t expect to catch the dismantling and hauling of the SANY crane from the other day but apparently it was destined to be. Stopping by the job site on Thursday afternoon I found the boom of the crane spooled down and already disconnected from the chassis. Returning bright and early Friday morning it became apparent that the SANY was going to be back home by the end of the day. Two new cranes were on hand to assist with the dismantling. A Link-Belt 8690 was removing the 6-ton counterweights two at a time. A few feet down the street a Terex-Demag was loading the boom pieces onto waiting flatbeds. Sadly I had to get to work before the crew started the removal of the massive track pieces. As soon as the clock struck Noon I raced back to Armory Square to catch more of the action. I arrived just into time to catch one of the crawlers leaving on a lengthy four axle lowboy. A nearby parking garage provided a nice vantage point of the crowded street action.

By this time the SANY looked a car that had been jacked for its rims and left on blocks.

SANY Crane

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The next step in the moving process involved backing another very long Rogers lowboy underneath the crane. The driver did an excellent job of lining up the trailer but balance is key with a load like this. The crew wanted to move the trailer over just a few inches to get it perfect. At first a telehander was employed but didn’t have the necessary power. The Link-Belt was called off the bench and easily shifted the trailer in moments. At this point riggers buzzed around with straps and chains to secure the load. The remaining parts of the boom slowly moved 180 degrees backwards essentially folding in on itself. A special mounting brackets were attached to the back of the crane which secured it directly the trailer. Finally the operator cab was turned 90 degrees toward the machine. A final inspection of the chains and straps and all was ready for the road.

Vitale Heavy Hauling

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I can only imagine what this whole operation cost. Three cranes, multiple hauling rigs, support trucks, and manpower. Pricey. At the end of the week a 60 car parking garage had seemingly risen from the earth. Most people will be none the wiser regarding the men and the machines that it took to make such a basic and unassuming structure but now you do. The more you know…


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  1. David Zufelt says:

    Thank you for the video and compliments . I was driving Vitales Heavy Hauling Truck 207 Trailer 2921 with the crane track on it.

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