The Heil STARR

To many the truck above is just a garbage truck.  A vehcile that comes once a week to haul away your trash and occasionally wake you from your slumber.  But to the truck nuts of the world this is very unique and interesting take on trash collection.  The semitrailer inspired design highlights are many.  To begin, the STARR can turn in a radius much smaller than the average garbage truck which means a reduction in the amount of times the operator has to backup the rig.  From a safety standpoint this a is a big deal.  Secondly when the bin is full it can be disconnected from the truck and exchanged for an empty unit.  The full bins can then be collected at a later time and hauled to the drop off point in tandem, saving both time and reducing congestion.  All in all I find this to be unique setup.  From what I can tell they have been around for a few years now and seem to be popular in the warmer climates.  Check out the video below for more information straight from the source.

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