A New (old) Toy

I took a cruise by the local Flying J the other day and spotted this flatbed hauling some interesting vehicles. The old wrecker is a Dodge. In fact the name plate actually reads Dodge Brothers which firmly places this truck in the 30’s.

Dodge Tow Truck

This old truck is pretty well beat with plenty of rust, I mean patina, to go around. I’m glad someone is taking a chance on bringing this old rig back to life either as a parts donor or maybe the candidate of a full restoration. Crazier things have been done.

Dodge Brothers Truck

I can’t read the name on the door but of the rest of the letter says Automotive and Welding Service. You don’t see too many heavy Dodges like this around. Keep your eyes peeled for it at future truck shows.

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  1. CB says:

    That Toyota Hilux tho. Nice find

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