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Road Trip to California

This ain’t your grandfather’s tractor….or maybe it is?

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Northwest 180D Shovel

Do you like to see rare one of a kind items? Of course you do. Especially when that item is heavy equipment as seen here in the form of a Northwest 180D. This particular unit worked constantly from its manufacturing … Continue reading

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The Comforts of Home

With a baby it’s a little hard to get around and check out trucks and heavy equipment. Luckily for me they objects of my desire have been coming directly to my door step. Living in the middle of a farm … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Return of the DC

The DC Autocar is back! I can hardly believe the words I just typed but it’s true. Somehow the talented folks at Autocar Trucks managed to keep under wraps one of the biggest heavy truck stories of the century! By … Continue reading

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Old Cats

I have quite the old cat collection. As a matter of fact I have three. The first is a 2007 model tuxedo. The general condition is good with only a few missing teeth in the mouth. The second is a … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Broken Back

The DC line of Autocar trucks has a long and storied career. My personal favorite happens to be the earlier models with the rounded grill and classic Autocar hood emblem. This old truck looks like it is ready to roll … Continue reading

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Tired Western Star

This old Western Star and your favorite truck website have alot in common. They both are not being used to their full potential.  But hope spring eternal. Lord knows I have plenty of cool rigs to share with you all … Continue reading

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Mack Truck with a Detroit Diesel

Not all Mack Trucks have a Detroit Diesel under the hood but some do. We call those tracks awesome. While it might seem sacrilegious to some there were more than a few bulldogs that left the factory with something other … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – How Much Wood

How many cords of wood can a Autocar DC 9964 haul? I’m not sure of the exact answer but it’s probably much more than a woodchuck could chuck. Current power in the truck comes from a 335 Cummins paired to … Continue reading

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Still Working – International Transtar II

Well would you look at this, an International Transtar II still working in 2019. Or at least parked. Andy came across the pair in a local parking lot where they have sat for most of the winter. It’s uncommon enough … Continue reading

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