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I went to California

Well take a look at this…a new post! We haven’t seen one of those around here in quite some time. As the title notes I was in California for the past week, specifically Palm Springs. I had plans to post … Continue reading

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Mack Anthem

The newest Mack truck has been revealed. Behold the Anthem. It’s the latest entry into the Class 8 segment that has seen a slew of new or heavily refreshed models aimed straight at the heart of the OTR market. Redefined … Continue reading

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2017 CNY ATHS – The Video

For some reason I was under the impression that I didn’t take an usable video from the CNY ATHS show but during the process of cleaning up my computer I found a few clips that were serviceable. Better late than … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – The Pinnacle

Everything about this 50’s DC Autocar is just too cool for school. I can’t imagine it has seen many changes since the days it used to prowl the highways. Will it ever ride again? We might never know. Do you … Continue reading

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Wabco Motor Scraper

I’ve traveled by the former Luber Homes property more than a dozen times since the auction held back in May and it still makes me feel sad seeing just an empty yard but this video will help us remember what … Continue reading

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The Right Truck

Everything about this Mack is right. In the age of trucks sounding more like fans and containing more plastic than your average water bottle this beast has the look that makes you follow it down an alleyway. I enjoyed watching … Continue reading

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2017 ATCA Northeastern PA

If you have a car show scheduled and the weather forecast calls for a 100% chance of rain you might as well go ahead and cancel the show. If you have a truck with the same weather continue as scheduled. … Continue reading

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2017 National Brockway Truck Show

I learned something last year about the National Brockway Truck Show. It’s good to hang around until the end of the day and catch all the trucks as the leave. The main street of downtown Cortland empties out pretty quickly … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – Mack DM

Like most people I enjoy a nice Sunday cruise through the country. I would say that outside of run down industrial areas your chances of find old trucks is the best out in the boonies. Sometimes you have to just … Continue reading

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Cummins Electric Truck

You don’t always have to be the first person with an idea to be successful. Over the past year or two the Nikola One and Tesla have both trotted out concept versions of their hybrid trucks. While both companies claim … Continue reading

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