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Still Working – International Eagle

Has this truck been featured on this site before? Maybe it was a truck that looked similar. I’ve been meaning to grab a shot of this truck for sometime now. I figured my lazy ways would lead to me missing … Continue reading

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Still Working – Ford L9000 Dump Truck

I figured it was time to get a better shot of this International dozer that has been working a project in Cicero, NY for many a year…..but that didn’t turn out to be possible. While I wasn’t able to get … Continue reading

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My Classic Car

There is only one man in this modern age of ours that can rock the handle bar mustache and that man is Dennis Gage of the long running car show My Classic Car. Last year he paid to a visit … Continue reading

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Here Comes Tomorrow

I have never tried to hide the fact that I like International Trucks. In my personal ranking system I would put the S-Series in my top five all time favorites. Until this very moment I never knew that my humble … Continue reading

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It’s possible that I’ve shot this truck twice…..and came out with a slightly blurry photo each time. Things that make you go hmmmmm. Maybe it has an anti photograph force field in place. Here is it is back in 2016 … Continue reading

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International 9700

I recently came across a worn out copy of Owner Operator from 1988. Usually I would like to keep a magazine like this intact but it was so weathered that I figured I would slice it up for some of … Continue reading

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Brockway Fuel Truck Duo

As a kid did you ever have a “spot the difference” activity book? Here is the classic truck version. While the two 358 model Brockways below are not the same truck they certainly have more than a few similarities. I … Continue reading

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Western Star Heavy Hauler

The other day I came across a heavy haul load, a massive electric transformer, that had a pilot car in the front and the rear. I don’t have any pics of the truck doing the hauling but that’s okay because … Continue reading

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Number 6

This past August I was contacted by the people at regarding a list they compiled of the Top 50 Youtube Trucking channels. Good old Daily Diesel Dose came in number 6. While it might not be a major award … Continue reading

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Autocar Mondays – Cooking with Gas

While browsing ebay for old truck memorabilia I came across this slide of an Autocar tanker truck. I don’t know the exact make of the truck but it looks very similar to the a past Autocar Mondays truck, an A75T … Continue reading

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