The B-Roll

Welcome to the Daily Diesel Dose B-Roll. For one reason or another the photos you see below never had a chance to star in their own post. Most of the the photos are uncut, unedited and all original. Check back often, new stuff is added all the time.

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  1. I wonder if you knew that the U.S. Navy has been using 6-71 to power their small boats and landing craft since before WWII? I spent four years in the Navy as an Engineman (diesel mechanic). I’ve overhauled a number of 6-71s or 238 Detroits in trucker parlance. 238 is the horse power of a two valve non-turbo 6-71. I used to drive a White single axle tractor with a 6-71 and a 10sp RR. It was a blast to drive. The video of you driving the Brockway wrecker really brought back some fond memories of that for me. I am currently driving a bobbed 1984 AM General deuce and a half named “Brutus”. He has a White Continental Multi-Fuel diesel with a whistler turbo. Even though I love him, I am thinking about trying to sell him for a single axle cabover or conventional tractor with a 6-71 and a 10 or 13sp R.R. or a Mack B-61. Love your wrecker by the way.

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