I went to California

Well take a look at this…a new post! We haven’t seen one of those around here in quite some time. As the title notes I was in California for the past week, specifically Palm Springs. I had plans to post a few days during the trip but the desert sun and the laziness that comes with it had other plans. Despite the struggle I did find time to snap a photo or two.

Up first is the distinctly Californian style of fuel transport, the straight truck with pup trailer. As one would expect it’s a Peterbilt with plenty of chrome and polished aluminum. I don’t know the exact reason behind this style of setup over a traditional tanker and tractor but I’m guess some unique combination of weight and state law gave rise to this setup. Maybe it’s just easier to get in and out of stations? If you know, let us know. 

In the heart of downtown Palm Springs there is an exotic car dealership slash auction house by the name of McCormicks. It was fairly dead for the season when I wandered by but it comes back to life in the fall with hundreds of unique cars and trucks crossing the auction block. On the lot there was a variety of vehicles all rubbing fenders with each other. Bentley next Chevy. Ford next Jaguar. There even was a 53 Ford C500 in the way back corner for only 25,000 plus a 5% buyers fee!

Getting in on the west coast garbage truck spotting scene here is a Mack from Palm Springs Disposal Service. Looking at those tanks suggest alternative fuel in the form of CNG perhaps?

And on the Still Working side of things here is a pristine Chevy bucket truck. It’s amazing how long a truck will last when not exposed to road salt, beet juice, brine, or whatever else is dumped on the roads these days.

That about sums up my truck adventures from the trip. Hopefully we’ll be back to regular schedule now once I readjust to east coast time.

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Mack Anthem

The newest Mack truck has been revealed. Behold the Anthem. It’s the latest entry into the Class 8 segment that has seen a slew of new or heavily refreshed models aimed straight at the heart of the OTR market. Redefined with all the creature comforts you could imagine Mack hopes the Anthem will boost sagging sales. 

At first glance I have to say the truck leaves a favorable impression on the eyes when compared to other modern trucks and I eagerly await seeing how these trucks look when the hit road. What we see in the video above is clearly the highest spec’d model available and probably won’t represent what the common man will choose.

So what do you think? Keep in mind that Tesla plans to unveil the version of big rig on October 26th so if you want to hold judgement until that time I can understand. 😉

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2017 CNY ATHS – The Video

For some reason I was under the impression that I didn’t take an usable video from the CNY ATHS show but during the process of cleaning up my computer I found a few clips that were serviceable. Better late than never I suppose!


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Autocar Mondays – The Pinnacle

Everything about this 50’s DC Autocar is just too cool for school. I can’t imagine it has seen many changes since the days it used to prowl the highways.

Will it ever ride again? We might never know.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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Wabco Motor Scraper

I’ve traveled by the former Luber Homes property more than a dozen times since the auction held back in May and it still makes me feel sad seeing just an empty yard but this video will help us remember what once was.

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The Right Truck

Everything about this Mack is right. In the age of trucks sounding more like fans and containing more plastic than your average water bottle this beast has the look that makes you follow it down an alleyway. I enjoyed watching this truck pack a load of cardboard more than I should. Mechanical in every way, the packer is engaged by the operator slamming a large control rod back and forth. The engine would then spool up to engage the PTO while producing a nice sound and a some decent smoke. While devouring the cardboard the truck rocked and rolled and nearly imploded upon itself when reaching the end of the pack cycle. Just wonderful.

More of Brand Trucking Inc can be found here.

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2017 ATCA Northeastern PA

If you have a car show scheduled and the weather forecast calls for a 100% chance of rain you might as well go ahead and cancel the show. If you have a truck with the same weather continue as scheduled. This weekend the 2017 ATCA Northeastern PA truck show in Harford, PA took place under a perpetual grey sky with temperatures struggling to stay in the low 50’s. Great weather for late October! Too bad it’s technically still summer. Despite the poor showing by mother nature over 50 trucks of various makes, models and sizes still showed up. This year we document the fun through video as the day was just horrible for picture taking.

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2017 National Brockway Truck Show

I learned something last year about the National Brockway Truck Show. It’s good to hang around until the end of the day and catch all the trucks as the leave. The main street of downtown Cortland empties out pretty quickly with a steady steam of trucks and I personally I think it’s better than the parade in the morning.

This year a late down pour helped slick the streets up like a backstage movie lot for that extra cinematic effect. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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Lost and Found – Mack DM

Like most people I enjoy a nice Sunday cruise through the country. I would say that outside of run down industrial areas your chances of find old trucks is the best out in the boonies. Sometimes you have to just get in the car and drive while other times call for advance scouting. Enter Google Maps.

I figured I would pull up a chunk of nearby planet to investigate. Starting with the birds eye view I followed a few roads backs and forth looking for large buildings or groups of vehicles. I didn’t find much so I dropped down to street view which often times doesn’t exist the further from beaten path you go. This time I was in luck and followed the path of the Google street view car for a few miles around the back roads. That’s where this Mack DM showed up. The capture date was nearly two years old so I wondered if the old dog was still there. Technology can only take you so far before you have to get up and physically move but I’m sure there will be a fix for that before too long.

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Cummins Electric Truck

You don’t always have to be the first person with an idea to be successful. Over the past year or two the Nikola One and Tesla have both trotted out concept versions of their hybrid trucks. While both companies claim their trucks are close to reality little in the way of physical proof has been presented. Now entering the game is Cummins with their Class 7 Urban Hauler Electric vehicle. Developed in partnership with Roush the UHEV has a range of 100 miles thanks to an 140KW battery pack. When depleted the battery can be recharged fully in one hour. Paired with small diesel generator the range of the truck can be increased to around 300 miles.

You’ll notice at the moment this truck is wearing an International cab. Don’t get excited or angry as Cummins has no plans on entering the commercial vehicle market. This truck you see below is nothing more than a showcase for the engine and battery technology that will be offered to traditional truck builders.

If you were in the market for an electric or hybrid electric truck would you buy from an existing truck building company using a power train developed by a world class engine builder or would you venture off into the unknown territory of Telsa and Nikola?


Cummins Beats Tesla to the Punch

Engine Maker Cummins Shows Of All Electric Truck

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