Autocar Mondays – G. Lopes Collection

If you had to choose one truck from the two seen below could you? I know I couldn’t. Ryan received the red carpet treatment when he stopped by to see the trucks of the Lopes collection.

And as much as we all love the old trucks we know they can’t be a chore when driving long distances. Sometimes the creature comforts are so bad after all. That’s where this AT64 steps in.

What’s better than two Autocars? Three!

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Syracuse Mega Crane

The crane is complete! Somehow when you are standing near the base of this behemoth you fail to realize its true height. It really only struck me when I was traveling north on I-81 last week. Shortly after the Nedrow exit the hills give way and provide for an unobstructed view of the city. The crane dominates the skyline at this point. It’s hard to believe what your eyes are sending to the brain.

Most likely this will be the last comprehensive coverage of this crane for awhile. As the photos show it’s darn near impossible to fit into frame from any of the typical vantage points. Maybe we’ll get lucky and I’ll swing by when they are flinging steel through the sky.

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Looking at Trucks – ATHS Reno Part II

Return with me to Reno and enjoy another wander through the show field of amazing classic trucks. You never know what you might find!

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Autocar Mondays – Reliable Foundation

When you are starting a trucking business it goes without saying that your truck better be rock steady reliable. That’s why Roger turned to this 1986 DK64 to help get his fledgling business off the ground.

Powered by a Cummins Big Cam 350 this truck has been working nearly everyday for the past eight months.

Nothing says New England more than an Autocar riding on big rubber parked in front Gillette Stadium!

Roger tells us it was only natural from him to turn to Autocars for his business. His grandfather has numerous A-Cars in his fleet so he just had to have one of his own.

Great truck Roger. Thanks for the share!

If you have an Autocar for Autocar Mondays email today!

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The Summer of Sewage

One of the greatest summers of my childhood occurred when my hometown village replaced miles upon miles of sewer mains. Yup. you read that right. For months prior to the project nearly every intersection contained staged precast catch basins and other assorted pieces that made for great forts. Right around the time school was done for the year the heavy work began and the streets were torn to pieces. All day I could watch trucks and heavy equipment come and go. The highlight of the project occurred when were told not to flush our toliets for most of the day while the final connections were made. What a challenge that was!

Anyway, I was too young to realize photos would be fun to look back upon so we’ll just have to suffice with some shots of the trucks that are working on a similar job this year. I don’t have any clear memories of the trucks that were used 30 years ago but there probably wasn’t anything heavy like this C-500.

And I doubt there was a Western Star on the job, a Mack or International was probably a more likely guess.

My final memory of the job takes place right before school resumed for the year. A machine that seemed to be a mile long arrived to mill and pave the street. It was all one unit. The millings went into some tanks, were mixed with new material and then came out the rear as equal to new. Or so they would have you believe. Even as a foolish child I could see the street look horrible and remember the machine spent more time broken than operational. The street barely survived the winter and was replaced the following spring.

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John Deere OCD

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. As you can see from this shot someone in Chazy, NY is crazy about their John Deere tractors and has assembled an impressive collection of machines. Not only do they presumably have the complete collection but they have ordered them from old to new. Awesome.

Thanks for the share Hugh!

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Fleet of Madison County

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been working through a bunch of photos from months and months ago. With a fresh little human wandering around the joint there has been only enough time to snap off a photo or two but certainly no time to actually no time to put pen to paper so to speak.

This particular group came from an open house that Madison County held to celebrate the renovation of their historic courthouse. The Highway Department brought an entire fleet of trucks and equipment including the beautifully preserved International KB dump truck. It’s amazing to look at that truck and the modern HV to see how times have changed. 

The driver of this truck is happy to report that this rig is a reliable pleasure to drive. It appears Navistar’s continuing exorcism of the Maxxforce demons are going well.

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The Parts Only Fleet

Waaaaaaaay back in earlier spring local trucking giant Riccelli Enterprises had an auction to clean out some of the old members of their fleet. Actually, they had two. The trucks you see below belonged to an internet only auction. Based on the photos below you should be able to figure out the reason why.

Well used to say the least.

As you may have noticed a few old bulldogs were in the mix. They came from the Northern Industries side of the fleet following the merger or whatever took place between the two companies a few years back. More on those truck soon….

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Liebherr LR11000

Work is moving right along on the assembly of the Liebherr LR11000 that will be used to assemble the new roof of the Carrier Dome.

If you’re a local to the area you know this crane has been at full mast for a week or two now. Stay tuned for more…

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Still Working – IH Fleetstar

I never took to golfing but now I’m starting to second guess my choice after seeing some of the cool old rigs a local course.

I have passed these links more than a few times but never noticed the old Fleetstar. I stopped looking after an red Chevy C60 took up residence in the parking lot but now that truck is gone, replaced with this Ford L9000 still wearing Town of Cicero logos.

Both trucks seem clean enough and largely free of the tin worm. Now I’m jealous!

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