Autocar Mondays – Unknown Autocar

Our friend Matt shared this Autocar picture with me a few weeks back. He hasn’t respond with any information on it but you know what they say. A picture is worth a thousand words. So what does this old Autocar say to you?

I’m guessing late 40’s on this old beast. The engine is not giving many clues away so let’s just say it’s massive gas power plant. Maybe a Hall-Scott. Of course the transmission has a whole bunch of gears with some really nice low selections. Both axles are powered. That’s a nice bunch of combinations right there. Some other features I really like are the high and low mounted headlights. The wrap around fuel/battery tanks are a nice touch as well. Too bad someone has robbed the front grill shroud. This truck must have been a real looker back in the day. Heck, it still is!

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1966 Brockway 459

What have you been doing for the past three decades? Hopefully something a little more productive than sitting out in the elements like this 1966 Brockway 459. I paid a visit to the resting place of this old truck in the spring of 2020. At that time my buddy Dave had enlisted the help of Clarence and his Brockway 361 wrecker to help pull this old cabover out of the weeds. And when I mean weeds I mean weeds. The grass in some spots was easily four feet or more. Strew about the place were various pieces of metal and other heavy truck parts which made the recovery all the more fun. In the end it all went rather smoothly and another Brockway was started on the long road to recovery.

Some of you no doubt will take note of the many other trucks that make a brief appearance in the video. They are all part of an impressive collection that we will see more of a future time. Believe me when I say there is MUCH to see.

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Life After The Service

We all know that there is plenty of government waste at the Federal level. I’m sure you’ve heard the joke about overpriced hammers and toilet plungers. But maybe it all has a way of balancing out when smaller towns and local governments have a chance to pick up used equipment for a fraction of the cost of what a new rig would cost. Often times if these surplus items were not available the a small town would just go without or at worst just use old stop signs to patch the holes in the cab. Keep the windows rolled down if you feel dizzy.

Now I don’t know the backstory on these two trucks but it’s great to see them repurposed. The M195A2 as we see here was the successor to the Crane Carrier Corp built M195A. Power was provided by a Detroit Diesel DDEC-II, perhaps better know as the Series 60. The transmission in these trucks is an Allison 4 speed automatic.

Now there were specialized subsets of these trucks. As both the examples below are AWD they most likely are the M916A

Here we see the Town of Lincoln, NY with their unit hooked to a nice lowboy.

And here the Washington County DPW has a nice example of a M916A that has been lengthened and turned into a plow truck.

Thanks to Clarence for the share on this one.

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Autocar Mondays – Bad Brakes

All the way back in October of 2020 I stopped at the Golden Arches in Fulton, NY. This is a great location due to its proximity to Fulton Spring. While I was waiting in line I was able to drool over this slightly wrecked Autocar.

I would find out later on FB that the driver lost his brakes while heading downhill forcing him to nose into a pile of gravel.

Thankfully everyone was Ok. And, as you can see from these photos taken by TractorChasers on Instagram the truck has been rebuilt.

As fate would have it I was on my way to Oswego today when i saw this very truck on a lowboy heading south! Small world!

Make sure to give TractorChasers on IG a follow!

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John Deere 9400

I’ve spent some time wrestling with an old John Deere snow blower recently and with the amount of curses I have called out it will be a wonder if the company survives another day. I’m sure this beastly 9400 shares nothing if anything at all in common with my TRS27 (built by Murray) but if it does God help this farmer.

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At the Dealer – Mack RD

I bet more than a few of you out there wish you could visit your local Mack dealer and purchase a brand new R-Model. Simple electronics, no DEF, no sensors that monitor sensors, little to no pollution controls. Just tried and true design with quality workmanship.

I received a of taste of this fantasy the other day while visiting the local Freightliner dealer. Among the rows of new rigs this old Mack stood out like a neon light in the dead of night. Maybe it’s a trade in. Maybe it’s there for upfit. Who knows. Just enjoy the sight.

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Koehring 266 Excavator

Check this out. It’s a Koehring 266 excavator for CSX. Do I win the monthly MOW equipment tourney for most odd ball piece of equipment? My best estimate for the age of this machine is at least 3o years which makes it nothing short of amazing that CSX still has this piece of equipment in their fleet. Through depreciation alone you would have thought this old digger would have been sold off long ago. But then again railroads do have the the reputation as being stingy when it comes to equipment.

Like any other piece of equipment that has to do with rails it has been visited by the graffiti masters.

I know very little about Koehring machines but based on the more modern styling of this unit it has to represent some of the final years of production. It almost seems of this age which is saying something as most Kring machines seem positively ancient with straight lines, boxy counterweights and and sharply angled cabs.

Nice old machine. Drop a line if you have know more.

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Autocar Mondays – Lou

If it feels like it has been ages since an honest to goodness Autocar Mondays! Oh wait. It has been ages! Well here is a good one.

By Autocar standards this one is a rare one. The DS and the more infamous DK both shared the spotlight around the time Volvo trucks had gained complete control over the assets of the White Motor Company. Everyone knows the DK but not so much the DS. Based on front mounted PTO and the single wheel tag axle out back I’m guessing this was a mixer truck at one point. The truck is rocking large rubber all around with floats up front and of course spokes on axles. It looks good. I couldn’t find any markings on the truck to indicate previous owners but based on the red color I just have to guess it was Clark Concrete truck. There still is a large pile of old Clark trucks resting behind one of their former properties. Maybe someone has started raiding the pile?

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Posting to Resume Soon

Hi. Thank you for you continued support of Daily Diesel Dose. Regular posting will resume soon. This might come as a shock to few of you, I know it shocked me, but the 10 year anniversary of triple D is just around the corner. Where has the time gone?!

In the mean time, an International plow. 😎

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1961 International 4300

Fine bit of kit this is!

Hat tip to Ronnie James Diesel.

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