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I made my annual lunch time visit to the NYS Highway and Public Works expo the other day to catch a glimpse at all the new trucks and equipment made possible by taxpayers like you. As with any auto or trade event it can be challenging to take a decent photo with strange indoor lighting and of course the people. Who knew that a 10 wheel dump truck with plow gear was the perfect lounging device. You had guys sitting on the wing, leaning on the front blade, and laying on the hoods. Well, maybe not that last one but you get the point. I had to make a loop of the show over a dozen times just to get the few shots I did but hey, that’s part of the……fun. 😉

So this Kenworth T-470 with Tenco gear from the Town of Milo was a true stand out rig with its bright blue paint job. And, believe it or not, this comes with a manual trans. I’m not sure what I keep making a big deal out of that feature but it seems to be on the way out in all forms of modern trucks.

Now I’m not trying to put down Volvo, they make a nice looking truck but for some odd reason I never had any trouble snagging a shot of the VHD’s on display. Guess they aren’t as cool to lounge all over.

Outside, this uniquely wrapped T-470 was on display as an homage to the various military branches of the United States. Workers from the Town of Tonawanda spent countless hours assembling this truck to its final form as salute to veterans and their families.


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At the Dealer – TRE Open House 2017

There was more than just new plow trucks at the Tracey Road Equipment Open House last week. All manor of Western Star and Freightliner trucks were available for perusal including this new Cascadia for the ultimate grocery store, Wegmans. If you don’t have a Wegmans near you I can honestly say you have not lived. Anyway, this truck is the embodiment of the modern highway hauler with a completely redesigned interior that resembles a car more than a truck. A column mounted shifter hiding behind the steering wheel tells you all you need to know.So crisp. So new.

An entire lineup of heavy equipment was also on display.

I’ve even tossed a few other trucks from earlier visits just to make this a mega gallery.

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Autocar Mondays – Endless Sumer

Usually around this time of the year I start to mourn the end of truck shows and the warm weather. Not this year. The shows are still going on and the temperatures have been in the high 70’s and low 80’s for days now. We’re running a good 15 to 20 above average for this time of year. Fortunately we have some cool Autocars to look at from a show that took place in Virginia a few weeks back.

This 63 DC is one of my favorite styles of Autocar truck. The long rounded hood and front grill pair perfectly with the square pit style fenders. Exterior oil filters and large air cleaner suggest big power underneath the faded sheet metal.

Not to far down the row a 70 DC shows off a different take on tough with aluminium rims front and back, fiberglass fenders and a presumably aluminium frame as well. I’m just adlibing here but this truck seems to have more of a highway hauler look to it than it’s more vocational style brother up top.

Thanks to Jack for sending in these shots from the Somerset Steam and Gas pasture party. A few other trucks were there as well and we’ll take a look at those in the coming days.

Do you have an Autocar Truck you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Sunday Driver

If you are familiar with the Syracuse area or nearly any location upstate you know that the countryside is usually no more than 20 minutes away in nearly any direction. Now that I’ve moved to my new home I’m even closer to that fresh country air. Nothing beats the smell. Why they even have trucks like this one that drive around, mobile potpourri dispensers if you will, that make sure everyone gets their fair share. 

I kid. I don’t plan on becoming one of those NIMBYS that moves next to a farm and complains out the sights, sounds or smells. Maybe in twenty years when I’m older and grumpier.

Yes, now I have a whole new area to explore in order to fill the many categories like Lost and Found and Still Working. I’m not sure where this old Paystar is falling at the moment.

The hills of the surrounding countryside are dotted with numerous small towns and their not so small plow trucks like this Oshkosh from the Town of Lincoln.

With the amount of tractors I’ve seen over the past few days I have a feeling they will be more common place around DDD. Maybe I’ll have to add a farm hand section? Who knows.

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Automatic Plowing

The other day Tracey Road Equipment held their annual open house at their Syracuse Headquarters. We all know I stop by on a regular basis to keep up on the latest trucking trends but how can you pass up trucks lined up and put on display for full inspection?

Here we seen the newest truck for the Town of Colchester, NY, a 2018 Freightliner 114SD. Under the hood a DD13 provides 450 HP while connected to an Eaton Fuller 8LL trans. This was one of the few trucks on display that actually had an honest to good manual gearbox. Plowing gear is Everest all the way around.

As noted before, the Western Star 4700 is the new face of plow trucks in the CNY region and beyond. It truely is the International 2574 of the modern age. This truck for the town of Sennett stood out with it’s emerald green paint job. The powertrain stats for this truck are identical to that of the Colchester truck. Viking plow equipment is the blade of choice for this rig.

And a few others that were on display. After awhile they all start to look the same!

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Moving Day

So I’m moving homes again…but this time it’s for good! Technically (the best kind of correct) I’ve already moved into my new place but it will be about another week before the internet follows me home so posts around here might be sporadic.

Despite all the struggles with moving none of my boxes or furniture required multiple heavy wreckers like this old Penn Central box car that had sunk into the earth near Shippensburg, PA.

All aboard! Something new and exciting is coming to Ship! Thanks to Daves Truck Repair and parts Chambersburg Pa for making it possible. Stay tuned to the Shippensburg trailhead along Cumberland Valley Rail Trail as this exciting project develops.

Posted by Shippensburg University on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The box car will soon undergo a complete restoration and been open to the public once it is filled with memorabilia relating to the history of Penn Central in the town.

One of the local news stations has more on the move that you can view by clicking here. It’s also worth a visit to the facebook page of Dave’s Truck Repair for more shots of the move.

Thanks to Andy for the tip!

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Still Working – International Loadstar

Awhile back I noticed an old International S-Series parked in a driveway near my home. I figured one day I would be lucky enough to snap a photo for my own personal collection as occasionally it was parked on the street. Well, I never got that photo but I did get one of this even cooler International Loadstar. As you can see, it was parked in front of the very hill that inspired that Windows XP background. I’m just joking. Or am I?

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Lost and Found – Walter

Usually when you find one rusty truck there is another one lurking nearby.

Last week we saw an early 50’s Autocar rusting near the side of RT 5 in St. Johnsville, NY. Not far away was this Walter Snowfighter of unknown vintage. Formerly from the Town of Mohawk this truck gone over the hill of good days. If it had a rear view mirror it would see them quickly fading away over the horizon. As any good Walter should be it was at one time setup for dual wings and had the requisite steel box out back designed to carry heavy ballast for traction. Over the years the sheet metal has rusted away through natural and man made forces. At least someone tried to spare the engine with a tarp.

This shot comes to us courtesy of my dad who was also the photographer of the Autocar.

If the Town of Mohawk isn’t ringing any bells check out this post. And definitely check out this one.

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Autocar Mondays – DC9364

A bumper fit for a king. That’s what this 1975 DC is sporting. That pintle hitch up front suggests that this truck pulls in reverse as well as it does in forward. I never got around to finding out more about this truck during the whirlwind that is the ATHS Hudson Mohawk truck show so maybe someone out there can fill us in? 

Have a truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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2017 ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Part III

I think we all know what this is about.

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