Autocar Mondays – Wrecking Ball

When you combine a four ton wrecking ball with super high resolution cameras you get some quality time wasting video. It’s even better when lurking in the background is a heavy spec Autocar. While not the main point of the video it certainly became the focus of my attention. I don’t know much about it other than it’s cool. It’s VIN is lettered underneath the door so I suppose if you had access to the correct records you could find out everything you ever wanted to know about this tough old fellow.

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Friendly Face

In this time of impeding nuclear doom, political turmoil, and ceaseless environmental disasters it’s good to see a familiar face. A constant in the sea of change. That’s how I feel about this ’99 International 2574. A Marmom-Herrington 12,000 lb driving front axle shoulders the weight of the plow while a 23,500 rear axle provides the strength for a tub of sheet metal rotting salt. Under the hood an International 53oE HEUI produces 275 raging horsepower paired to a Spicer 10 speed. Yes folk, I’ve brought my truck spotting to the next level.

Nah, I’m just kidding. You can find a photo of this truck brand new on page 621 of International Trucks by Fred Crimson. Now, it’s entirely possible that I could be wrong as the city has two of these trucks, or at least they did. For some odd reason I only seem to catch this truck at the start of winter and usually in this same location. In my mind it’s just not winter until we meet.

Yes, it’s the magical time of the year when winter and snow is still fun. When you can still walk to your car while freezing but not feel the need to curse your very existence and question your sanity to as why you live in a part of the world that receives such weather. How long will it last? 

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Bubbling to the Surface

This International 9300 recently moved into view for a photo. It’s been hanging around a local concrete products yard for a good while now but never where it could fully be seen by hungry eyes. Will this truck be part of the next class of future classics destined to flood truck shows by the hundreds? We shall see.

Even with my affinity for Internationals I miss the truck that once inhabited a similar spot on this very lot. This 50’s 6×6 Reo. Back in 2011 we took a look at this truck but it seems photos from that distant past have gone missing. It’s strange because they still exist on server but for some reason fail to load. God only knows why. Looks like another call to tech support is in the works. It’s hard to believe I do the very same work for a living.

For posterity sake, the Reo.


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Euclid R-15

You might now know it but if you see a truck like this parked along the side of the road you must stop and take a photo. Rules of the road. I came across this old Euclid R-15(?) the other day just outside of Auburn, NY. I have to image this old beast runs rough both load and empty. I’m unsure of the age but there is good choice their is a Detroit under the hood. That exhaust poking right up between the three window cab acts a device to keep drivers awake and warm during long work days….as long as their is no leak. 😉

Euclid was one of the first truck companies to find success by offering a purely 100% off road vehicle. The model seen here was the truck that was found on massive construction projects across the country for decades. If I had a back yard big enough it would be a fun truck to own.

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A Face for Radio

So did you notice that your favorite site was down for the count for most of the past 36 hours? Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know either. All it took to get back online was a short 45 minute call to tech support. It gave me plenty of time to reflect on what I’m doing around here and if it’s worth all the effort. Oh well. Live to fight another day.

The technical bugs of the past days don’t even begin to hold a candle to the struggle it was to put this video together. I knew it was a windy day when I shot this film but great googly moogly did it ever come through on video. It was so bad that I had to strip the audio and record the narration after the fact while adding in some background music. My hat is off the radio personalities who make small talk on the radio each day sound so easy. It’s not! It took me about a 25 takes just to get the product below. In the end it turned out OK but it’s not a situation I plan on repeating!

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Autocar Mondays – 1968 Locomotive Mover

Never send a train to do an Autocar’s job. Over the decades this Autocar DC of McHugh Locomotive has done its fair share of heavy hauling for one of the premier over sized load handlers of the northeast. I’m not sure how much work it does nowadays outside of the show circuit but you can be willing to be that if push came to shove this old truck could pull with the best of them. A familiar face at the ATCA national show in Macungie here we see it as it looked in 2011.

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World Record Holder

Back during the 2017 ATHS National Convention a little event was held on the final day. The goal was to set the new world record for the most simultaneous truck engines starting in one location. I forget the exact verbiage but making a lot of noise was the goal. There was supposed to be a second record attempt at the most air horns being blown at the same time but was cut from the schedule for the concerns of horse show also taking place at the fair grounds. Here is my view of the events. Of course it features Autocars and Internationals. 🙂

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What is Piggy Back?

Back in my college days I took an elective class by the name of Economic History of the United States 1900-1980. Yup, that was an elective. Not pottery. Not basket weaving. Hey, at least it was better than my other elective, History of Labor Unions. Can you guess at my major? Anyway, I bring this up because in my history class I had to crank out a 20 page paper comparing the rise of trucking leading to the the decline of rail. I large portion of my paper was devoted to the early days of intermodal transport, commonly called piggy back service. If Youtube had been a bigger source of time sucking back in 2004 I would probably would have found this video and possibly even used it a source. Sadly it wasn’t and I had to use actually books and other papers. It was a miserable experience.

This video by Southern Pacific takes you through all stages of the piggy back system including construction of rail cars. It’s fascinating to watch all the various old time trucks while ogling how things were once done. Most drivers will complain out jacking their trailer legs up but I bet most didn’t have to spin a handle until they closed the lid on the top of their trailer. Nope, that’s not a mistype. Watch the video and learn. Follow the SP as the visit with various clients using this radical new system and how it benefits their business. You’ll be glad you did.

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Better Luck Next Year

There has been a little road project in town involving the removal of elevated highway and associated bridges. It started this past spring and began with the demolition of three buildings and a number of billboards. Next came the removal of concrete bridge decking and the destruction of the steel girders underneath. Big, massive, gigantic excavators with drills, hammers, and sheers worked night and day (or so I’m told) during  this phase of the project. It seems like the type of material tailor made for this site so where has it been until now? Oh yeah, there also has been a small fleet of private contractor dump trucks hauling material to and fro. I’m talking old Ford LTL 9000, Western Stars from the era of the White Corporate Cab, Mack DM’s, Autocar ACLs, the list goes on. The worst part is, I’ve passed through this mess at least twice days for the past 6 months and never bothered to even think about taking the action in. That was until yesterday when six heavy haul trucks arrived with the new bridge beams. I finally woke up.

To be honest, I always wanted to check out this work but convinced myself that there was not safe vantage point. Checking out the job site today I found that I could have been sitting in the parking lot of a local Italian restaurant eating veal parm and pasta fagioli while seeing all there was to see. The good news is that the east bound lanes are scheduled to under go the same treatment next year or soon after. This time around I’ll be on my game.

Click here to see the type of footage I should have been producing. Below, a little video of the action with a guest star at the end.

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Crane Carrier Company

Hey, did you know the Crane Carrier Company is still building trucks? It’s easy to think the CCC name faded away with the glory days of the trucking industry. So many great specialty nameplates like Hayes, FWD, and Marmom are just a few that are no loner with us. But don’t go adding CCC to the list yet. The company is still very active making custom chassis for the refuse, construction, and oil exploration industries. Here we see one sporting a log loader. Most likely this truck didn’t start out with the loader but did come with a factory 6×6 drivetrain so the smart money bet is a on a cement truck for a past job.

And yes, this is not current photo but I’m trying to get back on the horse here with providing daily posts again. I have to live up to the name I’ve created after all.

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