Old Construction Equipment

I was driving around last Saturday when I noticed a yellow dozer sitting near the back of a field. It wasn’t possible to tell what make it was from the road but that didn’t stop me from assuming it was a Cat. I kept on driving until a nagging feeling caused me to turn around. Working my way down a residential road to a break in the tree line I spied not a Cat but an International. I was shocked I tell you. Shocked!

Speaking of Internationals, here is a Dresser, which as we all know was the successor to the International line of construction equipment. I’m starting to think the plastic jug over the exhaust stack is factory feature.

And now moving onto an entirely different breed, John Deere. Hayes spotted this 760 tractor style scrapper in Davenport, IA. Ahh, the day before ROPS were standard equipment. In the event of a rollover just jump clear!

Great find Hayes, thanks for sharing.

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ebay Finds – King of the S-Series

If you remember seeing this truck on ebay a few months ago but let it slip through your fingers stop your weeping. Redemption is at hand.

Listed a 1987 International S-Series, this truck is the obvious road king. Under the seemingly never ending hood a 350 Big Cam Cummins churns out the power. An 8LL trans and locking diffs on every axle make this truck a must to free any vehicle stuck in the mud.

A Kemp 50 ton Rescuer wrecker with two 35,000 lb winches and two 16,000 lb winches gives you the power to create or destroy. When it comes time to dig in your heels a large hydraulic spade is at your command.

The seller tells us that the hydraulics have been rebuilt along with new wire rope installed. Check it out today if you have the deep pockets by clicking here.

Screen shot of original listing here.

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New Dump Trucks For All

Spring, according to the calendar at least, is finally here. That means it’s time to start thinking about all those rage inducing construction projects that will soon be returning to the roadways of America. We complain when the roads are in poor shape. We complain when the roads are being repaired. You just can’t make us happy I suppose. 

Not matter how you feel about the subject I’m guessing the drivers who will be receiving these new trucks of the Suit Kote fleet will be smiling all the way to the jobsite and back. Here we see two Western Star 4700’s and two Freightliner 114SD’s. All are equipped with J & J bodies.

Now as partial as I am to the color green I gotta say this International HX would be my truck of choice. That painted dump box with stripping is a real head turner. Now to keep it clean after a few days of work….

More of the Suit Kote fleet.

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Autocar Mondays – Guessing Game

Sometimes you can only guess about the specifics of a truck found rotting along a country back road. The first question that usually comes to mind is why would anyone let this fine machine decay to such a lowly state. After that, you can start wondering about the specific model, the powertrain, and the back story.

While I have no answers for you on most of these fronts it does appear that this truck once belonged to Morris Kreitz and Sons, INC of Reading, PA. At one point this Autocar was probably one of their front line heavy haul trucks, an obvious clue to such a past being still attached neck of a gooseneck trailer.

Who knows what the future holds for this old truck. Let us be thankful that it still exists at all!

Got an Autocar that you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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NTEA 2017

By now you should know that I enjoy some good vocational truck action. Over the road big rigs with big stacks and chrome bumpers are nice but my heart will always be with the working class trucks. Give me the dump trucks, the garbage trucks, the cements trucks. Those are my people.

This year we once again enjoy coverage of the NTEA sponsored Work Truck Show thanks to Tom Shand.

Do you think your local highway department is going to start specify wheels like these on their next snow plow? I wouldn’t hold my breath but would expect to see the Henderson stainless steel body.

Black and red are two colors made for each other. They look great on this 2017 Freightliner 122SD with Crysteel Paradox dump body.

Thanks again to Tom for the share. Maybe next year I’ll have to put this show on my bucket list. Click here to revisit the 2016 show.

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Winter Storm Stella

As you probably know by now the east coast of the United States just had experienced a wonderful two day winter storm by the name of Stella. There have been more than enough jokes on the internet about this one so I’ll leave them out of this post. I’ve been itching for a true blizzard for sometime now and this one came close, dumping two or three around CNY and the surrounding area. That is plenty of snow but it fell over a two day period and for the most part the world kept turning. A true blizzard has to hit in eight hours or less in my honest opinion.

Below, a village of Manlius International 2574. Out of habit I now eyeball the door sills and rocker panels of these trucks to gauge how much longer they will be around. The less rust the better. This one was pristine on both sides of the cab so if the frame holds up I suspect this truck will be around for a few more years.

Down the road, an Onondaga County DOT International Workstar.

And across town a NYSDOT Mack Granite take a well deserved break.

In the gallery below, more Village of Manlius DPW trucks (red), a Town of Manlius Western Star (green) and more NYSDOT and OCDOT shots.

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Land of Big Snow

While two foot of snow in most areas is considered record breaking, the snow fighting crews out west can only chuckle and shake their heads in amusement.

With over 50 feet of snow falling in the Sierra Nevada this winter records have tumbled while men and machines have been tested to their limits. A few times this season Ryan tried to venture higher into the mountains to catch the action first hand but was turned around by mudslides, avalanches and fellow drivers completely unprepared for the snow. Eventually he was able to stop by the snowfighters HQ for CalTrans in Kingvale, California for a few shots of the arsenal.

The 500 HP Western Star you see above is spec’d out to haul a tow plow but that piece of equipment is somewhat impractical during snowfalls typically found in the mountains. Below, a Rolba snow thrower after recent refurbishment.

And no self respecting repair depot is complete without a pre-emissions tow truck. The wipers on this 4900 seem to be a different spot (top of cab) compared to many other models.

CalTrans has a good looking fleet but you have to wonder why trucks that work in whiteouts are painted all white? Maybe it doesn’t make a difference. I’m sure studies have been performed. Thanks for sharing Ryan!

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Autocar Mondays – Exchange Student

While some truck makers drifted in the ocean of popular trends Autocar never strayed from what it made it a success. From day one they produced heavy duty trucks following a tried and true formula.

Here we see a 1973 Autocar DC9964T from the Abbonizio Contractors fleet of Deptford, NJ. Back in the day was the first new truck purchased by the young company and still hangs around to this very day in a backup role.

When new a Cummins NHC-250 could be found under the hood but was replaced via a Cummins exchange program in the late 1980’s to a NTC-400 Big Cam III. Keeping true to Autocars non plastic roots a 13 speed RoadRanger is the transmission of choice.

Sure looks like it’s ready to go at a moments notice! Thanks to Joe for finding yet another great addition to Autocar Mondays.

Have an Autocar you think should be featured on Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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LVT Ice Breakers

In the spring of 2016 the City of Buffalo sent to auction a fleet of armored LVT landing craft after a planned invasion of Canada fell through. Of course I’m just kidding. These military surplus vehicles were modified by the City to break ice jams in the many tributaries that feed Lake Erie. 

Former City Engineer John Loffredo was nice enough to send along this photo and a copy of the original blue prints used to modify the LVT for ice breaking duties. As you can see increased armor plating was placed below the water level along with rubber bumpers to multiply ice breaking power. A Cummins NH250 was selected as the revised power plant of choice. With a length of 27 feet and weight of 36,000 pounds the LVTs were capable of breaking ice two feet thick and with help from dynamite up to five feet thick.

Original modification blueprints. (PDF)



The City of Buffalo was not the only one to enjoy the services of the LVT. In the winter of 1979 a damn in Port Byron, NY found itself in danger of topping off due to decreased output flow from ice build up. Two of these mighty machines were dispatched under emergency orders to aid in ice relief. After three days their mission was declared a success and Port Byron was saved. You can read all about by clicking the link below. (PDF)

Org. DPW LVT Art 

You might have heard from old timers that winters are not what they used to be as for as cold and snow duration are concerned. You probably dismiss these stories the same way you do when you start hearing about that hill they had to walk up (both ways) to school. However, there might be some truth to their words after all. Back when these machines were designed in the late 60’s the average ice thickness was between 14 and 16 inches each winter. By the turn of the century this number had fallen to just barely 6 inches thus rendering the LVT’s useless.

A big thanks to John for sending over this information. Make sure you click on the links above to get the story straight from the horses mouth so to speak. It’s a fascinating part of snow and ice control history.

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Triple Vision

I pretty much figured that all the International 9670’s ever built had been run into the ground or migrated south by this point in time but then Dave went and found not one but three of them!

It’s unclear if these trucks are still actively hauling or being used as yard spotters. From a visual standpoint they seem solid enough to go OTR if the need was there.

In my general observations it seems moving companies tend to run older trucks than other parts of the trucking world. With a short wheelbase and COE configuration these trucks could either get a driver into trouble or out of it!

Thanks for the share Dave!

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