Ancient Oshkosh – Oshkosh W-2211

They say age is just a number. You could consider it a philosophy that this old Oshkosh takes to heart considering it still sees active duty on a winding driveway in the hills of Fenner, NY. If you are familiar with the area you the know the hills are steep and numerous. You better believe this old W-2211 can still run with the big dogs when needed. Just a few years ago after a fierce storm this ‘Kosh found it’s way on to the local roads and ended up plowing out two modern trucks that had succumbed to the snow. Long live the old iron!

What a view!

A big thanks to Paul for letting me and a bunch of other truck fools wander around his collection of trucks. Make sure you take a look at that 1966 FWD truck.

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2018 ATCA Uncle Sam PSA

If you have not made plans to attend the 2018 ATCA Uncle Sam truck show please do so. Last year was my first time at the show and I was highly impressed. The turn out was phenomenal with a great variety of trucks. Click here if you don’t believe me.

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It Wasn’t That Long Ago

It seems hard to believe but the ATHS National show has been done and over with for more than a month now. Don’t worry. We still have much more to look at at.


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The International CV

This past March GM announced their return to the commercial truck market with a heavy duty version of the Silverado. As you know (because you visit this site) this truck was designed in partnership with Navistar and will be built in their Springfield, Ohio plant. Content to let GM have all the limelight for the past few months International is now starting to release teaser photos of their version of the truck, the CV.

One of the biggest question I had at the time of the announcement regarded the engine. Would International use the Duramax? The answer is yes and will feature International exclusive calibration. Like its GM cousin the CV will also feature an Allison Automatic as the trans. The GVW range of the CV falls between 16,000 and 22,900. The official public launch is this November so if you want to be the first on your block with one you better make your way down to your local International dealer. 

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Autocar Mondays – Water the Flowers

How do you water your flowers at home? You probably use a watering can or a hose. Amateur. What you really need is this Autocar water tanker that was just delivered to the City of Palo Alto, California.

This truck is designed to water both flowers and wash streets. Notice the booms near the front of the cab that lower for the flowers. An L9 Cummins fits snugly under the cab while driver ease of operation is provided by an 3500RDS Allison Auto. The 2000 gallon tank out back insures that you can spend all day watering.

Thanks to Dan for the share!

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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Plow Backlog

Looking at all of the plows from the other day it crossed my mind that I have been sitting on a few other rigs from months ago that I should probably share before it’s too late. Back in March (Yes, that is what March looks like here) the Town of Vernon sold their 1986 Mack RM6884X. The truck had the Mack E6 and an auto transmission. With a 10 foot front blade and an 12 foot wing this truck felt right at home in the hill country. When all was said and done someone picked up the beast for 13,300. Not too bad.

Late last month the Town of Manlius Highway Department held their annual open house. This Paystar 5000 with Frink V-Plow was the highlight of the fleet. As I’ve mentioned before you would be hard pressed to find a better cared for fleet in all of Upstate, NY.

Once upon a time the former super star of highway departs across the state was the Ford Louisville. The Village of Chittenango is still sporting this L9000.

Heading to the auction lineup sooner than later we find one of the coolest trucks around, this International 2574 with Marmom Herrington AWD conversion. I know some of you out there like to pick up Syracuse trucks cheap and rehab them but I think you would have your work cut out for you with this one.

What do you think this Workstar will look like in twenty years?

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The Plows of Upstate New York

There are a great many small towns and villages across the state of New York and almost all of them have their own highway department. While some many argue that this leads to a duplication of services and thus higher taxes one thing is certain. There is no shortage of heavy iron to gawk over. 

The Town of Kirkland still has a 1971 Walter QDUS in active service.  Actually, very active service. If you don’t believe me click this link. It was purchased new from J.C Georg Equipment Corp in East Syracuse. The company is long gone now with a Wegmans standing in its place. As fate would have it I lived less that a 1/4 of a mile from J.C. Georg’s former location until just last year. Over the years the Walter received a refurb from at the factory where it received its more modern looking sheet metal. A Cummins found its way under the hood at some point after the original Detroit Diesel could take no more.

Elsewhere in upstate the Town of Paris leaves their ’88 Oshkosh wing’d up and ready to go. Believe me when I say that this truck can barely fit into the garage.

Up in the high country of Fenner, NY a similar looking Oshkosh plows the hills with ease.

And once you make it to the top you might as well stay there. The Town of Pompey has a mean looking tandem axle P-Series. The truck started life as a single axle and was upgraded by the town shop many years ago.

So many trucks, so little time. Below you’ll find a video of some startup and walk around action.

A mega gallery of photos that include a few of the more modern rigs.

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Red, White and Blue

I’m sure before this 4th of July is over at least one of these trucks will be called out after celebrations get out of hand. There’s a joke in there somewhere about loosing your hand to fireworks but I’m not clever enough to establish one. 

Thanks to Zack for sending over shots of these fine trucks. Maker sure to visit his website to seen more of his great work by clicking here.

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Guardians of the Pit

It occurred to me as the flies swarmed in my eyes and I trampled through the weeds that maybe visiting a truck boneyard at an active quarry during the middle of summer wasn’t the greatest of ideas. But then I saw this DC monster (last registered for road use four years ago) and all was forgotten.

In the gallery below you’ll see another earlier model DC along with a model that I presume to be from the 40’s.

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Brodozer. This is a word typically used to describe a lifted pickup with custom rims. The driver is usually a young single male with money to burn. Trucks Nuts are usually found in 50 percent of brodozers but should not be considered standard. A special variety of Bro’ drive diesel powered pickups in which the exhaust stack is routed through the bed of the pickup. This allows for ample rolling of coal. The BroDozer is the natural antithesis of the Prius with the two existing in a Ying and Yang relationship that bring balance to the known universe.

With that being said this BroDozer is pure awesome. It’s the first ever diesel power monster truck participate in Monster Jam. From what I understand it’s a Duramax. Sorry Powerstroke and Cummins fans. Better luck next time.

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