Autocar Mondays – Running in a Pack

Well it ain’t Monday but one thing is for sure this beauty is an Autocar! This 1951 DC100 powered by a Cummins NHRS diesel was just one of many spectacular rigs of the Autocar nameplate found at the ATHS National Show in Des Moines, Iowa. Believe when I say this truck had a really great sound to it.

Based on the gallery below which one is your favorite?

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Cabover Cornucopia Part II

Part II of the cabover cornucopia that was the ATHS National Show in Des Moines begins…NOW!

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Cabover Cornucopia

Spend enough time talking trucks and eventually the conversation will turn to cabovers. What happened to cabovers? Are cabovers safer? How come cabovers are still popular in Europe? Do cabovers ride better? Cabovers! Cabovers! Cabovers!

I don’t have answers the questions posed above but I can tell you that plenty of COE ‘s were on display at the ATHS National Show in Des Moines. Freightliner, International, Diamond-T, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, White. I think just about every major brand of truck ever sold in the U.S. was represented in cabover form at Des Moines.

Below, Part I of II represent the high rise condos of the open road.

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The Light of Day

Everyone likes a good barn find story but what about a mine find story? You’re looking at a Euclid R35 that has rarely seen the light of day. For decades this truck toiled inside Danby Quarry, the world’s largest underground marble mine found in the Dorset Mountain of Vermont. Twisting over one and a half miles into the earth this mine has been producing high quality marble for over a century and currently has the capacity to produce up to 4,000 feet of slabs per day.

By now it’s probably dawned upon you how large this Danby Quarry really is if a R35 has the room to operate in there. If you haven’t already checked out the link near the top of this page to see more photos of the mine and equipment at work I suggest that you do. You’ll be amazed.

Now that Euc has been set free from the marble pit it resides just over the border in the capable hands of our friend Clarence. Below are some photos of the truck as it made it’s way home.

A few weeks back we took a look at some Detroit Diesel V-12 powered Euclid/Terex scrapers at a local auction. If you watched any of the videos you know how loud and smokey these engines are. I hope hearing protection was mandatory in the mine as this old beast is packing the same engine. I can’t image how loud it must have been in the confined hallways one mile into the earth!

The truck fired right up after a fresh set of batteries were installed. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

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Autocar Mondays – Familiar Face

When traveling it’s always nice to see a familiar face like this 1972 Autocar DC9364 owned by Don Berch.

As you might recall this DC still packs it’s original NTC 355 and 13 speed Fuller while riding on a late model air ride suspension and rears. No doubt those later mods made the journey from New Hampshire to Iowa much more pleasant.

Above we see Don on the first of many miles home outside the truck museum at the Iowa 80. Thanks for sharing Don!

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Roadside Attractions

While visiting the Iowa 80 truck stop I took a moment to cruise the parking lots full of hundreds of trucks. While many rigs were the typical soulless OTR fleet trucks there were a few worth noting, or more specifically their loads.

While that 745C has big tires there was a truck carrying a set for an even bigger dump truck.

A truck that probably is based around this frame.

On the way out to the truck stop I passed by a closed weigh station that had a fully assembled dump truck of this size on a lowbed. I made a note to stop on the way back but it was gone when I returned two hours later. I never would have figured that it would hit the road during the day but what do I know about heavy haul.

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Hendrickson Trucks

Here on the east coast Hendrickson trucks were always something of a rare bird and now with the passage of time that statement has only becomes more true. Heading out to the ATHS show in Des Moines I knew that if I was going to see Hendricksons in any significant quantity it would take place in Iowa. As you can see the hawkeye state did not disappoint.

The truck above was constructed by using an International cab that contained an integral sleeper. Don’t worry, Hendricksons of this time period used the Comfo-Cab popularized by International Harvester so no historical value was lost. I’m not sure but I assume Hendricksons packed larger than average power based on the seemingly endless hood and external air cleaners. Great looking trucks indeed.

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Mack Truck Time Line

God bless the folks that bring not one truck but an entire fleet of trucks to shows like the ATHS National Convention. The Sid Kamp crew rolled into Des Moines in style bringing seven Mack trucks that reached back to the age of the B-Model straight through to the Titan. They were even nice enough to roll them through the gate in order from new to old. Just about the only bulldog missing was a DM!

While the video you are about to see is fairly decent it was almost a great one. You’ll notice that the B-Model dump has a really great sound to it. Now imagine if I was standing a short distance in front of this truck while the driver laid into the peddle, rowed through the gears and left a giant cloud of black smoke in his wake. Yup, that’s what could have been if I wasn’t so concerned with eating a chocolate chip cookie at nine in the morning. Someday when you can download the visual images of your brain to the web sob stories like this one will be a thing of the past.

Make sure you stop by the Sid Kamp website to see even more great photos by clicking here.

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Link Belt LS7400

Let us return to the Luber Homes auction held last month and marvel at the lump of steel that is this 1978 Link Belt LS-7400. As I understand this is one of the largest Link Belt machines of it’s era. Powered by a 12V71 Detroit the LS-7400 represented the serious attempt to make an all hydraulic powered excavator in the face of growing competition from Japanese nameplates. For decades this machine sat at the corner of the Luber property and was highly visible from I-690 thanks to its size and traditional LB paint scheme. For sometime the cab had been wrapped in a tattered blue tarp that did little to keep out the elements. On the day of the auction I was surprised to find that this machine actually ran, or at leas the engine was capable of idle. While I was onsite no one was brave (or foolish) enough to attempt a test run on the boom or tracks. Never the less it sold for around 4,500 dollars and since been removed from the property. Passing by the lot the other weekend it was strange to see the entire parcel devoid of equipment except for one sorry looking Drott all terrain crane that was in the process of being dismantled for transport.

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Autocar Mondays – The Goose

There is just something about an Autocar with floats and a 6×6 configuration that looks natural. Here we see “The Goose”, a 1978 DC that has been repowered with a B-Series Cat and a 13 speed trans. Originally this truck left the factory with Cummins NTC 230 paired to a six speed and according to the current owner that combo made for a long day hauling a fully loaded log trailer. 

From the first second I laid eyes on this truck I knew it was prime Autocar Mondays material. I don’t think you’ll find anyone to disagree!

A short clip of The Goose.

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