Autocar Mondays – Water is Life

Wow! Look at this, an Autocar Mondays post! Don’t get used to it. LOL.

Andy sends in this shot of a very nice DC still working for Revoli Construction on a large water main replacement project.

Classic east coast Autocar muscle.

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Duplex Tow Trucks

Many years ago this truck was featured on this page and now it’s back. It’s a 1964 Duplex complete with a 230 Cummins, 5×4 OD trans, and Rockwell top drive axles. They don’t get more beastly than this! Former Onondaga County DOT truck # 22.

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Tools of the Sod

Their is a sod farm not too far from my home. They have many interesting pieces of vintage equipment hanging about including these two big guys.

The Caterpillar dozer has a large blade at the rear that looks like a tile blade. They are used to cut deep trenches in the earth for the laying of pipes or cables, similar to what the Deere is hauling.

This part of town has the nickname of the “muck lands”. The soil is dark, rich and deep, the results of a glacier and a former inland sea. In other other words, it slices like butter.

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The 2020 National Brockway Truck Show

It’s a sad fact that nearly no truck shows have taken place this year. After a valiant effort to host a Brockway Truck show the BTPA found it wiser to hold off until next year. That being said, I did help them put together a virtual show. While it is no substitute for the real thing it does give us a chance to see some trucks not seen before while also learning some of their back story.

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Cool Stuff in the Distance

I was aimlessly searching on Google Maps when I noticed what appeared to be an old truck. Dropping down into street view it turned out to be an Autocar. I put it on my mental list of places to check on the next time I had time to kill. This mental list is notorious for going blank when the time comes to actually focus on a destination. Anyway, the view has changed a little from when the Google car drove by,  an old Mack is not part of the collection. 

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Six Wheeler Macks

Dave came across this old R-Model six wheeler the other day. It’s a fine example of the trucks that used to roll out of the factories of Mack on a daily basis for decade upon decade.

Who knows, maybe this truck I spotted just today rolled down the line at the same time with Dave’s.

Thanks for the share Dave!

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The International 4700

Since we are pining over old Internationals lets take a look at these two well preserved 4700 models.

The first is two truck that seems to have been for sale on and off for a few months now. It looks like a good truck to bring home even old trucks.

The Madison County Highway Department is known for the exemplary good care of their fleet. If it wasn’t for road salt eating away at the very skeleton of NYS vehicles I am confident in saying that the department could still be running pristine examples of trucks from the 70’s and 80’s as if they were new trucks. Here we see their 4700 on a paving job in Cazenovia, NY.

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Onondaga DOT – Goodbye International Paystars

The sad day has finally arrived, the Onondaga County DOT has surplussed their remaining 6×6 Paystars and probably the last of the 2574’s they had in the fleet. Both of these models were the backbones of the county plow fleet for decades. I don’t think any other model of truck has been ordered in such quantity by the county following these workhorses. I’m just going to say it. Bring back the 2500 series!

The auction on Auctions International wrapped a few days ago. They Paystars all sold for at least 8,000 a piece while the 2574 sold for no more than 2800.

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At the Dealer – August 2020 Report

Wow, look at these new trucks in a color other than white! Suddenly they look appealing to the eye. Here, a matching pair of International HX520 at Stadium International.

Across town at Tracey Road and stunning and incredibly bright red Western Star 4900

Even the ubiquitous M2 looks great in a color other than fleet white. And how about that 4700 with not one but two colors! Insane!

And finally over at Beam Mack we see that orders for NYSDOT lowboy tractors are still being fulfilled.


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Still Working – Ford F600

Not too long ago the thought of Ford F-600’s still working would have been a silly concept. They were a very popular model at the time and could be found all over the country be used in various capacities. As the years have wore on fewer and fewer of those old trucks are to be found. For awhile now I’ve tried to catch a good shot of this matching pair of F-600 owned by aggregate giant, Hanson.

I think I managed to pull it off.

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