Lost and Found – Double Shot

There is a very good chance that both trucks featured today in the Lost and Found category are still working. They might still work but take really long breaks between each job. This GMC took up residence int the weeds previously occupied by a late mode Cat excavator. The excavator sat so long, nearly a year, that someone actually came and place plywood over the glass to prevent damage from vandals. Shortly after the wood upgrades it disappeared.

GMC Bucket Truck

This old Mack was seen on a farm outside of Lyons, NY. There is a good chance that if you were to swing by the farm now you would find it at work helping with the harvest.

Mack Truck

Or maybe not.

Old Mack Truck

Have you come across and old truck or piece of equipment that has been abandoned to mother nature? Share to eric@dailydieseldose.com.

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Biggest Little Truck Show

A double header of videos today from the ATCA Northeastern PA classic truck show held in Harford, PA. We’ll start off with this Brockway U360 with a 12V71 Detroit. According to sources in the know this barn find U-Model is one of the earliest trucks according to serial number yet to have been found. Who will find the next one? Will it be you?

And now the bitter sweet videos begin, trucks leaving the show after another successful year.

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Volvo Super Truck

There has been plenty of big news regarding the future of Class 8 trucks in North America recently will the release of the new Freightliner Cascadia, the impeding reveal of “Project Horizon” by International and now the Volvo Super Truck.

In 2011 of the Department of Energy issued a challenge to truck manufacturers by asking for 50% increase in freight efficiency by the year 2016. I’m sure many rolled their eyes, clucked their tongues and stroked their beards while saying it couldn’t be done but here we are on the edge of a new tomorrow with concept trucks breaking or exceeding the original goals. While participation was voluntary builders took the time (and government grants) to refine their trucks in anticipation of ever increasing EPA mandates regarding emissions and fuel economy.

There’s more than one way to skin a supertruck as seen by the varying paths each manufacturer followed to hyper fuel efficiency. In Volvo’s case a total vehicle approach was embraced that included not only the tractor unit but the trailer. Every portion of the SuperTruck chassis is made of aluminum components except for the mounting bolts. The total weight savings from this style of construction resulted in a 3,200 pound reduction compared to the baseline VNL 760 representing the average rig found on the road today.

With such a dramatic savings in weight Volvo found they could use a smaller bore engine to power the SuperTruck, which in turn saved even more weight increasing yet again the fuel efficiency and energy savings. At the end of testing the SuperTruck returned a 12+ MPG rating, an 88% increase in freight efficiency and was 70% more fuel efficient than the 2009 baseline test truck. You can read more about the exact specifics on the composite materials, turbo compounding and wave pistons by clicking here.


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International Trucks Project Horizon

The reveal of International’s new class 8 truck, as of this post, is a mere 10 days away. Dubbed as the world’s most driver centric truck we can assume this vehicle will be the successor to ProStar. Back in 2013 International revealed a concept of this rig at the 2013 MATS show and I feel it’s a safe bet that whatever hides behind the curtain in Las Vegas will resemble that truck. Head on over to Trucks.com for a series of spyshots of the new model by clicking here. Make sure to clear your calendar for September 30th at 3 P.M. EST. 😉

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Autocar Mondays – Australian Autocar

Autocar Trucks and the rugged beauty of Australia seem like a match made in heaven. Only the toughest rigs can survive the rigor of the outback so it may come a surprise that the Autocar name plate is something of rarity in the lucky country. It’s hard to believe when you look at the beauty below.


The White Motor Company was fairly successful in Australia importing a variety of their models, notably the Road Boss, which can still be found on the roads today. However it seems like the corporate powered decided to leave Autocar behind solely for U.S. buyers to enjoy. Oh what could have been! Just imagine the sight of a monstrous DC setup to pull a road train. A few trucks did find their way across the pacific like this DC model model powered by a Gardner diesel engine.

Many thanks to Nick at Truckflicks for sharing this great photo. Make sure to check out the rest of his great work showcasing Australian trucks at their best! To learn more about trucking in Australia make to check out Aussie Ed’s World of Old Trucks and the Australian Road Transport Hall of Fame.

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Brennan Motor Company

Maybe two or three weeks ago a fire broke out at the former Brennan Motor Company buildings that line a portion of Townsend Street in downtown Syracuse, NY. A piece of local and national history, the Brennan Motor Company was one of the first auto builders in the United States producing a range of cars and trucks from 1902 to 1908. After exiting the auto market the company successfully produced a range of small engines commonly used in marine applications until the mid 1970’s.

Brennan Motor Company

The complex has been empty for decades now and slow rotting away with a barricade ringing the property to protect pedestrians from falling bricks. Developers once had plans to raze the buildings for the creation of a parking lot but were stymied by the City and other preservation organizations. The fire broke out midday and was a real challenge to fire crews as the building has partially collapsed floors and walls. By the time my lunch break rolled around two trucks were still on scene while a crew poked around for any remaining hot spots. Here we seen Engine 10 still hooked up to the hydrant.

Syracuse Fire Department

Also on the scene was ST-2 (spare truck 2) an older Sutphen powered by a Detroit, maybe a Series 60.

Syracuse Fire Department Spare Truck 2

Thanks to Andy for being the first to call 911 about this fire!

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Pick Your Favorite

Can you find a truck you like in the video below? If you can’t…you don’t like trucks. Plain and simple!

Please also enjoy this selection of trucks exiting the slow truck race track. This year the start and finish was flipped to provide a better lighting for photos. I swear I had nothing to do with that call…but I did take full advantage. The trucks look good kicking up some dust.


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Everyday Big Rigs

Welcome to our continuing series, Every Day Big Rigs, in which we take at look at the often overlooked modern trucks that keep our world turning.

Now I have to start by saying this Marmon is walking that line between contemporary and classic. It’s not uncommon at all to see this model at classic truck shows from coast to coast. Considering that the Marmon name plate ceased to exist nearly 19 years ago this old rig has certainly held up well.

Marmom Semi Truck

You don’t see many Sterlings around with sleepers outback. You could considering this truck the spiritual successor the AeroMax line of trucks following the purchase of Ford heavy trucks by Daimler in 1997 that ultimately lead to the rebirth of the Sterling name. This one is hauling for Original Pizza of Boston.

Sterling with Sleeper

Not too long ago I was sitting at my desk when I continued to hear the rumble of a diesel paired with a never ending back up alarm. Wandering over to the window I found this stretch frame Peterbilt attempting to back off the street into the narrow bay of the Civic Center. The driver could almost get the trailer lined up correctly but his eventual path of travel would take the Pete’s bumper right through a set of cars. Eventually he had to give up and off load in the street. A few days later he was back when the streets were empty and made the move with room to spare.

Custom Peterbilt

In the gallery below you sell to transport carriers, one for boats and one for cars. Knowing the state of large auto transport companies we’ll probably see that International on the road for at least another two decades. The International hauling the CSX intermodal box is nice sounding truck. Check out my instagram for short but definitive proof.

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Truckers Choice – 1972 Brockway 361

We saw Ray Hildreth’s B-61 a few weeks ago and I think we can all agree that the old bulldog is a real head turner. On any normal visit it would have been the topic of discussion but this was not a normal visit as I was there to document the 2016 Trucker’s Choice of the 2016 National Brockway Truck show. The 1972 Brockway 361 you’ll meet in the video below is amazing in each detail. The restoration process was one of devotion by Ray and his father that took numerous years of painstaking attention to detail. So much so that I could only capture a small part of it on video.

No good film project is without behind the scenes challenges and this one had a few. While filming the interview portion of the video a man driving happened to notice the 361 gleaming away in the sun. Honestly, I’m surprised more people didn’t stop? The unannounced visitor made his way to the back of the property, loudly marking his presence. He told us he couldn’t believe what he had seen from the road and had to stop for a closer look.

While filming the driving segments I partnered with Jeremy George and Ray’s father Zeke to find a spot to for drive by footage. Our pre-agreed upon stretch of road turned out to be freshly oiled and stoned just days ago. Everyone quickly agreed this was not the road for us. Finding a nearby section of two lane blacktop I jumped out of the car while Jeremy and Zeke continued further down the road. While waiting for Ray to turn around and return it didn’t take long for me to stand out on the country road as a suspicious character. Soon a neighbor was out on their front porch asking what I was doing just as I began to hear the 361 making its approach. When I explained I was shooting the video for a old truck, a Brockway, the neighbor responded with “what’s a Brockway?” Lord have mercy! By now the truck was visible on the horizon and helped confirm my story. You can hear her woohoo of approval near the end of the video.

This is what I hope will be the first of many videos unique to the Brockway Truck Preservation Association youtube channel. If you haven’t subscribe or checked it out please do so! The might not all follow this format but I can guarantee this will be this enjoyable.

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Making Room

As we saw yesterday there are many new plows joining fleets all across the region but for every new plow that joins and old plow must leave. It is a law of nature. Below we see one of two International 2674 from the City of Syracuse. These two have sat behind the salt barn since early spring waiting for the eventual move to the Onondaga County surplus location behind the North Area Maintenance Facility. Apparently there is no rush to sell these truck as they finally arrived on site three weeks ago. The listing on Auctions International has yet to show up…unless I missed. LOL, yeah right.

Update: Items were listed after this post went live. Click here to view.

International 2674

Above, truck 251 as it sits now, and here as it was in August of 2013. It doesn’t seem much different!


As I was passing through the Town of Wilna, NY this past weekend I noticed these two truck sitting outside on display. Turns out they are for sale. The sale sign didn’t list much information but the one on the left is 2674 while the one on the right is a S2500

International Trucks

Now there is a possibility this next truck is not for sale. I saw it at the local Kenworth dealer so it’s possible it might in for engine work (Cummins) or maybe it’s a trade in. From the Town of Brutus, an International 2574. Have you noticed the pattern yet?

International 2574

What was once new is now old. They cycle continues.


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