Mack M45SX Prime Mover

Yesterday when arriving at the ATHS National Truck show my eyes immediately settled on this Mack M45SX prime mover. It was parked at the edge of the unloading zone and being my jaded and skeptical self I assumed it would never be moved again until it was time to bring it home. As usual I was wrong. After wandering around for a bit I came back to the unloading zone to find that the Mack had been moved and was in a line of trucks waiting for the gates to open the following morning. Guess who at the fairgrounds bright and earlier with one goal on his mind? This guy.

I actually milled around this truck for nearly a hour waiting for it to be fired up. To sweeten the deal not only is this truck Detroit powered its 16V71 powered. Oh yeah, air start too! Can you ask for anything more? For decades this truck hauled electrical transformers, nuclear power plant parts and pieces of aircraft carriers. It once made a run from Boston, MA to Erie, PA and averaged 22MPH empty on the return trip. This truck was never a trailer queen and always drove under its own power to a job. Too cool.

And this is why I go like to go to the national show. There is always something unique to bee seen.

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Iowa I-80 Truck Museum

When in Rome, I mean Iowa, head to the I-80 truck museum! Before diving into the national truck show taking place in Des Moines I traveled two hours east to the World’s Largest Truck Stop, the one and only Iowa I-80. On site there is dedicated truck museum full of the industry titans like Mack, Peterbilt and International. I was pleasantly surprised to find many other name plates and bizarre models that I never knew existed before my visit.

I know before my visit I had never heard of an Available. The low amount of these trucks around shouldn’t be a surprise as only 2,500 trucks were produced over a 40 year period before the company was purchased by the Crane Carrier Corporation.

This late 30’s Fageol is believed to be the last of it’s kind in existence. It’s truely an amazing and unique truck. It is complete with a Cummins Model H, a 4+3 trans and Timken worm gear drive axles.

The collection is very diverse and well worth the visit. Some of the trucks were missing as they were brought down to the show in Des Moines. We’ll see some of them later.

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Terex S-24 Scraper

I’m not sure how I feel about these photos. While it was exciting to finally be able to explore the Luber Homes property they also represent the end of an era. Long time visitors probably recall a post the earlier days of this site regarding the expansive collection of old equipment right past the NYS Fair Grounds. If not, click here to visit. For as long as I have been alive these machines have been a welcome site. Not once did I pass by and not marvel at the collection while wondering what they looked like in their heyday. As you read these words no doubt some pieces have already been moved off property to their new homes. Soon there will be nothing but empty lot left behind and the Syracuse area will be just a tiny bit less intriguing.

Anyway, there were nine Terex scrapers (with one still wearing the Euclid nameplate) up for action this past Saturday. All but the two used as parts machines were operational in the fact their 12V71 Detroit Diesels fired up with a shot of starting fluid into the air breather. With all seven machines running you could hardly hear yourself think much less see the sun which was obscured by clouds of white smoke. I can hardly think of a place I’d rather be. But don’t take my word for it! I made a video.

By all accounts that rigs with the dual exhausts were the machines used ten years ago on a 20 million cubic yard job. And to go even further the auctioneers stated that twice a year factory representatives would show up and service the machines. As you know I rarely hang around for the bidding to start on these items. Simply too much screwing around on small crap. However, I can tell you through hearsay that the scrapers when for about 3,800 a piece. Will they be saved? I choose to believe yes.

Believe me when I say there is much more to come from this auction but it happens but I also am leaving for the ATHS national show in Des Moines today so it might take awhile to get around to it. Feast or famine! It always happens this time of the year.

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Autocar Mondays – DC-87T

So, do you think there will be many Autocars at the ATHS National show kicking off this week in Des Moines, Iowa? I think it’s a safe bet that at least one or two…or a dozen will be on hand. Here we see a nice single axle DC-87T seen at the national show from Syracuse, New York in 2003.

And by the way, did you know you can access past editions of the Wheels of Time “Show Time” editions just by visiting You can! Just click the link at the top of the page.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured for Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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2001 An Oshkosh Odyssey

They say that classical music is good for the mind, body and soul. So what happens when you combine classical music with Oshkosh stock footage? Watch this video and find out.

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A New Face

The bright red trucks of Gypsum Express are a familiar sights on the highways of the Northeast. Today they are commonly Freightliners hauling either flatbeds or dry vans. Some of you might interested in knowing that back in their home town the Gypsum Express fleet actually hauls gypsum or that is to say, drywall. Now it appears they have ventured into a new territory of dump trucking.

I had to do a double take this morning when I passed through a construction zone right down the street from my house and saw these trucks. I’m pretty sure I clipped two traffic cones gawking at the fleet of shiny new Western Star 4700’s. Brand new in every way it wouldn’t surprise me to find if this milling job was the very first large haul for these rigs. I’ve been told by other sources that they also have a fleet of Trout River dump trailers hauling out of local quarries in the area. I’m not sure of the total fleet size but considering that I happened to see another 4700 over an hour away that very same day as these shots I assume it’s a decent size. I’m sure the other trucking firms in the CNY area are thrilled at the new competition.

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Mismatched Pair

Would you consider this pair of old trucks to be an odd couple? I don’t think most of would put a Kenworth K100 and International Loadstar in the same coolness category without a gun being held to their temple.

If you’ve been around this site for any length of time you know that I would pick the Loadstar if was offered one of the two. I can’t help it. It was born this way. Located in Port Byron, NY the fate of these two remain in question. The Loadstar has newer plates and registration while the Kenworth is rocking old liberty style plates. Hopefully they are in good hands. At least they have one thing going for them, the windows are rolled up!

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Pile Driver

Pile driver, it’s more than just a wrestling move, it’s a piece of construction equipment used to construct foundations for large buildings on earth that is often loose or close to the watertable which makes total unsuitable to build upon. Matt came across this early 1980’s FMC Link-Belt model 138 recently on a jobsite near Baldwinsville, NY. With a 75 Ton lifting capacity and hydraulically operated functions these model cranes are still readily seen on jobsites across the country. The chassis is a 8×4 inhouse design of Link-Belt. The house, or lifting unit of the crane, normally would have been powered by a 6-71N Detroit Diesel but has since been replaced with a 250 Cummapart. However, the original 8V-71N is still the the power sources of the carrier.

Cool shots of this old worker. Thanks again for sharing Matt!

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Old Farm Hands

There is a place near Savannah, New York that is prime potato growing country. If you didn’t know that before this post now you do! There is also a farm on that way that is loaded with antique trucks presumably used to harvest the crop. You won’t see any of those here as they are tucked away and only visible in glimpses through open barn doors. Sorry to tease but that’s the way it is. For some reason this old B-Model isn’t nice enough to be part of the indoor fleet. This truck has been sitting outside at this location for as long as I’ve passed by which has been once a year for the past four or five years now.

Was it red? Or was it blue? Guess that depends on your outlook. Nearby a fleet of former military trucks slowly dissolve before our very eyes. I believe it was MacArthur who said that old soldiers never die, they just fade away. How true.

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Truck Stash

For some people old trucks are like potato chips. You can’t have just one. Zack recently came across an old truck stash near Beacon Falls, CT. Parked just off a residential street the collection of trucks contains many “late” models including a White Road Boss 2, R-Model Mack and a Kenworth W-900. By now all of these trucks can be considered classics and would not be out of place any antique truck show.

Out of all of them I’m partial to the Road Boss.

Good catch Zack! Thanks for the share. Also, make sure to check out Zack’s website by clicking here.

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