Cellular Eye

I used to carry a camera around with me during my lunch break walks so I could be ready to capture that noteworthy truck or heavy piece of heavy equipment. Despite the general amount of crazy behavior that takes place on any given downtown street corner I always felt that I was the one drawing the most attention to myself. Thankfully the rise of the cell phone camera has allowed me to melt into the shadows while taking a halfway decent photograph. In this day and age no one thinks twice about seeing someone with a phone plastered in their face.

Here we see SR-2 of the Syracuse Fire Department. Yes, it’s not red. The first time I saw this truck I had to wonder if Syracuse was returning to yellow fire trucks after a decade or more hiatus. I know some purists out there didn’t like the yellow rigs but I was down with them. Anyway, I little digging through various Facebook groups indicates this truck will someday (already does?) belong to the Syracuse International Airport once repairs to Station 1’s original rescue truck are complete.

Just about two blocks east of this photograph I came across Jim’s Towing hooking up to a broken FedEx truck. The world on a hook.

This ain’t your daddy’s deuce and a half. As a matter of fact this is a full blown five ton monster capable of crossing the deepest rivers and steepest hills. Currently you can find it traversing the potholes of downtown Syracuse which perhaps might the biggest challenge it will ever face. 

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It’s Bigger

A thoroughly tested and job proved machine. The new Series H D8 by Caterpillar. Visit your local dealer today for more information.

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The Final Trucks

Wow. I’ve made three post (including this one) all week! Lazy! Lazy! Lazy! And let us continue that trend with the final trucks that I captured on film from the ATHS National show in Lexington, Kentucky. There are a few good ones mixed in here but I can tell from watching this video that by this point in the show my mind was starting to drift back home.

This is definitely the last video but there might be a few more photo posts here and there. To check back on the coverage of this fine show click here.

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Highway Expo 2018

If you look closely you’ll notice that leaves are starting to turn and there is a slight chill in the air each morning. These natural signs can only mean one thing. The Highway Expo is just around the corner. This year show organizers have put a call for vintage trucks and heavy equipment. I really hope this part of the event takes off an becomes a regular feature. Do you have an antique you would like to display? If so, check out the contact information noted below.

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Autocar Mondays – Power Trio

What is better than one Autocar? How about three. John sends along these photos from way back in 2007 when he shot three beautiful Autocars of the Tackaberry fleet at the International Plowing Match in Crosby, Ontario.

Autocars are no strangers to the Tackaberry Collection and many are true eye poppers. Click here to reminisce.

Thanks for the share John! If you have an Autocar you would like to see featured for Autocar Mondays email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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Burt Reynolds 1936-2018

Burt Reynolds passed yesterday at the age of 82. Reynolds was an iconic actor well know for a variety of classic films but among us trucking nuts he will always be simply know as The Bandit.

East bound and down, loaded up and trucking, we’re going to do what they say can’t be done.

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Fields of Yellow

I came across these two about a month ago while wandering through the countryside of Madison County. I’m not entirely sure if you could consider them abandoned as the weeds are fairly short and the seat on the roller appears to be in decent shape. The grader is very solid looking with intact glass which is usually a clear sign of not sitting unattended for too long. I wan’t to say the grader is a Caterpillar but it could also be a Galion. Please let me know your guess.

Maybe I happened to catch them at the very rare early stages of neglect?

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2018 ATCA Northeastern PA – Endless Mountains Truck Show Part 2

If you liked part 1 of this video series you are sure to love part 2. Just wait until the Brockway lead convoy shows up. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

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2018 ATCA Northeastern PA – Endless Mountains Truck Show

As you might recall the show from last year was something of a washout. This year, despite the overcast skies, the weather just about perfect for a truck show. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

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The Boneyard – Photos

To say there are untold treasurers on the sprawling property of  *redacted* is the understatement of the century. As you witnessed in the video from the other day the trucks and heavy equipment span the decades from late 40’s to our contemporary times including nameplates like Diamond-T, Brockway, Autocar, International and even a World II era Pacific Tank Car and Foundry “dragon wagon”. On the heavy equipment side of things there were Euclids, Cats, and and even a KW Dart. Mixed in among all these wonders were decades of parts and pieces used in the daily operation of a sand and gravel operation.

A rare SBA axle Diamond Reo Raider.

The KW Dart poses dramatically in front of a home built screening plant.

Seemingly with each turn another discovery was made. Almost immediately we wondered why didn’t make this pit the first and only stop of the day. Enough thanks can not be said to the owners that were gracious enough to let us have free reign of the property and even showed a few items tucked away in buildings for off the beaten path. It was a day that will live in our memories for decades to come

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