The Autocar DC-64D

The DC line of trucks by Autocar has an impressive history and immediately brings to mind a heavy duty, no nonsense, severe service truck. The “relaunch” of a conventional styled tractor by Autocar was generally well received by the trucking community. It seems that the countless comments and suggestions over the years to offer something other than a cab forward truck did not fall on deaf ears. Almost as soon as the DC line was reborn as roll-off chassis people begin clamoring for a dump truck application. Autocar is still listening. Enter the latest version of the DC-64D, the Badass.

Great to see the Autocar bowtie back on a conventional style hood!


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2021 ATHS National Show – Part 2

The title tells you all you need to know.

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Dodge Heavy Trucks

Dodge trucks were very well represented at the 2021 ATHS National show. Of all the truck marques present Dodge trucks were probably in the top three for total numbers.

In fact there was an entire row of at least a dozen Dodge trucks that I never photographed or filmed. That’s how common they were!

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ATHS Harrisonburg 2021 – Tom’s View

Tom S. has been a long time visitor and contributor to this site. He often sends in great photos of heavy duty plows. This time around he shares with a us a selection of photos from the ATHS National show in Harrisonburg, VA. I have to say that many of the trucks that caught his eye caught mine as well. Great minds think alike.

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ATHS Harrisonburg 2021

What rolls in must roll out. Select footage from the ATHS National show in Harrisonburg, VA.

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Still Working – Spare Parts Ford

A sure sign that the world is emerging form a pandemic is the return of construction. The already confusing maze of one way streets in downtown Syracuse has entered a new level of fun with multiple water main replaces taking place at nearly every major intersection. I haven’t been paying too much attention to this work as the trucks and equipment are all too new for my taste. That was of true of course until this Ford LTL showed up.

After showing this photo to Ryan Pedone he quickly shot back the image below wondering if this Ford had become a donor for it’s hood and bumper.

The case certainly can be made that this truck has met an untimely fate as a donor which is a shame as this photo hails from 2018.

And here is the very same dump truck from back in 2012 with its original hood.

Alright, that’s enough stalking for one day.

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World War II Military Trucks

Every ATHS National show always contains at least one expected form of antique truck. Back in Des Moines is was the insanely large Mack prime mover with an start equipped 12V71. This year is was a Pacific tank transporter.

For many GI’s of the time this truck was referred to as a Dragon Wagon. The cab was typically armored and 40 foot trailer attached at the rear. With 6×6 capability and much larger displacement engines the M25A was a welcome upgrade to the much smaller Diamond-T’s that were available at the start of the war. This particular model is the unarmored variant which should make it a M26a1. If you are a WWII history or vehicle nut please forgive and correct my ignorance.

Many M26a1 came back after the war and enjoyed a long civil career as prime movers in the post war building boom much like this unit complete with trailer.

What shall we see next!

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ATHS National Meet 2021

It’s hard to believe it as I type these words but the ATHS national meet in Harrisonburg, VA has come and gone. If you think back to 2020 at this time it seemed like all public activities were gone for good but here we are. Life is returning.

With the current speed of how things operate around here it will be awhile before I can really dig into the show but the pics and video will come. Until then just come back and look at this White Western Star again and again. You could do worse with your time that’s for sure.

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Autocar Mondays – Unknown Autocar

Our friend Matt shared this Autocar picture with me a few weeks back. He hasn’t respond with any information on it but you know what they say. A picture is worth a thousand words. So what does this old Autocar say to you?

I’m guessing late 40’s on this old beast. The engine is not giving many clues away so let’s just say it’s massive gas power plant. Maybe a Hall-Scott. Of course the transmission has a whole bunch of gears with some really nice low selections. Both axles are powered. That’s a nice bunch of combinations right there. Some other features I really like are the high and low mounted headlights. The wrap around fuel/battery tanks are a nice touch as well. Too bad someone has robbed the front grill shroud. This truck must have been a real looker back in the day. Heck, it still is!

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1966 Brockway 459

What have you been doing for the past three decades? Hopefully something a little more productive than sitting out in the elements like this 1966 Brockway 459. I paid a visit to the resting place of this old truck in the spring of 2020. At that time my buddy Dave had enlisted the help of Clarence and his Brockway 361 wrecker to help pull this old cabover out of the weeds. And when I mean weeds I mean weeds. The grass in some spots was easily four feet or more. Strew about the place were various pieces of metal and other heavy truck parts which made the recovery all the more fun. In the end it all went rather smoothly and another Brockway was started on the long road to recovery.

Some of you no doubt will take note of the many other trucks that make a brief appearance in the video. They are all part of an impressive collection that we will see more of a future time. Believe me when I say there is MUCH to see.

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