Last Stop – The Bill Craib Collection IV

Our final visit ends with a look back at some of the trucks and machines saved.

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Last Stop – The Bill Craib Collection III

I think my favorite vehicle from this video is an insanely heavy Rogers trailer with big rubber. You’ll know it when you see it.

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Last Stop – The Bill Craib Collection II

The visit continues. Sad to say most of the Brocks in this video while looking solid were not saved from the blue flame.

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Last Stop – The Bill Craib Collection

Over the past few years on this we’ve seen a few trucks pulled from the former collection of Bill Craib. I never shared much of what was on the property out of respect for Bill’s family and their desire to protect what was left from scraper and vandals. I never knew Bill or saw these trucks in their prime but there more than a few lookers. I don’t think there was a single vehicle on the property that I wouldn’t have bought three times over if I had the money. After Bill’s passing his daughter attempted to sell as much as she could to good homes while providing a living for his wife. More than a few trucks and other pieces of heavy equipment were saved. Eventually the time came to clear the property entirely and the remaining trucks were junked. I know some will watch these videos and wonder why these fine machines were left to rot. Why were they not saved? Personally I think they were saved in one form or another. I don’t know the condition of the trucks when Bill bought them but I’m willing to bet they were not museum quality pieces. Most were well worked when he got them and continued to work for Bill for many years. They fact that most were not junked over 30 years ago is a amazing. Plenty of people including myself were able to visit and take pictures and videos over the years. Even more people were able to save trucks, dozers, and cranes either entirely or through hard to find parts. Nothing lasts forever especially heavy metal in the northeast.


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The ATCA National Show

June 17th and 18th 2022 is just around the corner. Get pumped.

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Master of the Dumpster

You’ll either love this idea….or hate it. Either way, pretty fun to watch.

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Brockway National Truck Show – Again and Again

Warning. If you watch this video you will yearn for the warmer days of summer.

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More From Macungine

Now is the time to make decisions for the trucks shows of 2022. This year the ATHS National show and the ATCA National Show are back to back. That doesn’t leave much breathing room. Which one will you attend? Both? None? I’m not sure I’ll be making it to the land of Lincoln but Macungie is just down the road…..

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The Cat – D & H Railroad

Here is a great mystery truck for all you rail fans and truck fans alike. Hugh shot this photo back in 1978 at the D&H railyard in Whitehall, NY. What make a truck do you figure this to be? Clearly is Caterpillar powered but the badge on the hood is a mystery. I was quite surprised to find very few shots of the truck online as foamers are usually great at documenting every aspect of railroading. What do you think it is?

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Auction of the Past

Here is a little tire kicking I did back in November. Of course I gravitated to a super clean International 4900. Only I could geek out over factory fresh floormats and pristine late 90’s door panels. Don’t worry. I found some other trucks too. 😉

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