Autocar Mondays – Cooking with Gas

While browsing ebay for old truck memorabilia I came across this slide of an Autocar tanker truck. I don’t know the exact make of the truck but it looks very similar to the a past Autocar Mondays truck, an A75T owned by Ray Arnold.

Ray’s truck was spec’d to haul the heavy loads while being a lightweight marvel. Looking at the two it’s hard to not see the shared features including bumper, fenders, and dual beam bumper mounted headlights. Both trucks even hauled similar liquefied natural gas loads. 

This particular Autocar was still hauling with best of them when this photo was snapped in 1984. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a ’65 model like Ray’s but I suppose we may never know for sure.

Do you have an Autocar truck you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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The 2018 Huskie Run

Well…..getting around to this video took much longer than expected! Honestly, I forgot I had footage of this event. What a crazy year it has been! I have much more for the Brockway show that I just never got around to processing. Hopefully we will see more of this show soon!

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Blowing and Throwing

The land of big snow is back! Ryan sends in some photos of a Schmidt Caltrans blower working the Yuba Pass of I-80 in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I did some poking around trying to nail down the particular model but didn’t come up with much. Honestly, looking at the vehicle tells you all you need to know about its power and setup. 

In the mountains it’s not only the government folks who need big iron to move snow. The Boreal Ski Resort in Soda Springs clean requires a Cat loader with a Larue blower to keep their parking lots clean.

To go along with his great photos Ryan shot some video that perfectly captures the ease in which these machines move snow.

It’s a double feature!

Thanks for the photos and video Ryan. We hope to see more from out west very soon!

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Room with a View

We had a bit of snow last week. It was more than enough to coat the roads and bring out the plows. Usually this is the type of weather that would send me searching for action but with a newborn in the home it just isn’t the best idea at the moment. Thankfully the Town of Sullivan Highway Department follows a fairly reliable schedule that happened to coincide with one of the many feedings and diaper changes that now make up my life. Here we see one of their Mack Granites making a turn at the end of my street.

As suggested in the past by some witty individuals maybe I should change the name of this website to Daily Diaper Dose?

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Autocar Mondays – New England Trio

Back in the good old days every other heavy duty vocational truck in New England was either an Autocar or Mack. The numbers have changed dramatically over the years but you don’t have to look to hard find an old rig still working away or resting in the weeds. Hugh recently found three such trucks in the same location that help bolster my wild claims.

This old tri axles seems to have been parked for more than a few days.

Of the three this ten wheeler seems to be the one still able to bring home the bacon on a regular basis.

Classic New England trucking right here. Despite being parked they don’t seem that far away from full time working status.

Thanks for the awesome find Hugh! If you have an Autocar you would like to see feature in Autocar Mondays email today!

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Preston – The 151 Line

Preston, the 151 line. While the company is now a fallen flag it once had a service territory that included much of the country found east of the Mississippi River. It was difficult to travel any stretch of interstate and not see their name in large block letters traversing the length of a trailer. As with many LTL companies pup trailers, doubles, and even triples were the preferred combination.

Here we see the mudflap of Preston truck. In the early 1930’s it was determined by ownership that a tag line was needed to help differentiate the company from it’s competitors. It was observed one day that 151 pieces of equipment made up the the growing giant that was Preston. The rest is history.

Remnants of the company can still be found at a local moving company in the Syracuse area. They must have bought the entire contents of the local terminal as they have no less than 30 trailers around the property wearing the once proud Preston name.

All that history brings us right up this moment in time. You have may have noticed that content on this website the past few weeks, months, and most of the year has been slow to appear. The reason being? A baby. For the past nine months my wife and I have been anxiously awaiting the birth of our first child, a son. As you might have guessed, his name is Preston. Now I never set out to name my kid after a defunct truck company but one fateful day my newly pregnant wife crossed paths with a flight attendant named Preston. She came home with the name on the shortlist and when I mentioned that it was also the name connected to trucking history Preston just continued to hang around while other names fell off one by one.

It became official this past Sunday, 11/11 at 9:40AM when Preston joined our family.  Please continue to hang in there with me as navigate early parenthood and find away to keep a few post a week on this aging part of the internet.

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The International Lineup

Earlier this week International unveiled the final truck in their completely revamped lineup, the CV. As we’ve discussed before the CV is a joint venture between International and GM with both companies receiving their own unique model to sell through their respective dealer networks.

The CV comes equipped with the International 6.6 diesel engine which from what I understand is a Duramax tuned to International specifications. A six speed Allison automatic will be the common transmission of choice. A tilting hood, similar to those found on larger trucks, allows easy access to the engine bay. With the addition of the CV International now produces a truck model through all classes of heavy truck, 4-8.

This lineup of new or heavily refreshed trucks represents the final phase of International’s rebuilding program following the disastrous Maxxforce engine years in which the company saw market share decrease while warranty claims exploded through the roof. By all accounts the plan is working as market share has increased 2.7 points over the previous year while it’s share of the 13L engine market, the all important Class 8 market, has more than doubled.

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2018 ATCA Northeastern PA – The Photos

You might have seen the videos from the 2018 ATCA Northeastern PA classic truck show but have you seen the photos? The answers is no because I have not posted them until this very moment.

Better late than never is the moral of the story.

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The Class of 2018

Here they are folks, the new plows of 2018. Below, a Western Star 4700 for an unknown recipient.

The Town of Dewitt Highway Department is located .3 miles from the Tracey Road Equipment HQ. Here is their brand new 114SD.

Many miles away and many months ago I spotted this Volvo VHD at a dealer. It appears to be spec’d the heaviest of the three trucks.

Someday I’ll start to take a closer look at these trucks. I might even get out of the car and record some of the details. Until that day your imagination will have to suffice.

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Autocar Mondays – Sanford and Son

The sun might be setting behind this Autocar ACL but it hasn’t set on it. This truck is still working hard for the Town of Sanford, NY and looks to be in great shape. I can’t tell you much about it as I spied it quickly at a local Volvo dealer in the Southern Tier.

Spokes up front, recovery chains hanging from the plow gear and by now it probably has the blades mounted up and ready to go.

Do you have any Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email today!

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