Western Star Auction Special

When I first saw this photo sent in by Ryan I figured it was a new truck. Turns out this truck is actually used and soon to be put up for auction. Insane right?

This 6900 was used by a utility company in Northern California to keep access roads open to transformer stations and such. Around here junky 3/4 ton trucks with blades usually get the job done. Marmon Herrington axles and V-Plow (presumably) ensure that this truck can slog through even the deepest snow.

This truck could be yours….if you can outbid Ryan.

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True Celebrity

Syracuse, the Hollywood of the East. LOL.

But seriously folks, some notable names have been in town the past week filming a new movie. Perhaps you have heard of Richard Dreyfuss or Ron Pearlman? I believe they are filming Jaws V on Onondaga Lake. As exciting as it would be to see one of them on the street this Mack CL from Paramount Studios was the star that caught my eye.

As you would expect it was loaded with all kinds of film making equipment. The box out behind the cab is a generator and not some modern take on the drom box as I first thought. Disappointing for sure as I don’t think I’ve seen a CL setup as a sleeper before.

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Huskie Drive 2017

The 2017 National Brockway Truck Show has come and gone so let us begin to relive the memories with one of the first events of the weekend, the Huskie Drive. This year over twenty trucks were present on the run by the time the first stop was made. A few wandered off on their own but at any one time eighteen of these Cortland classics were cruising the back roads causing plenty of rubber necking wherever they passed.

The overcast skies called for rain all day but thankfully the roads remained clear and dry.

Running with the pack takes on a whole new meaning.


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Autocar Mondays – 1948 C90

When I think of the movie Mad Max my mind doesn’t necessary conjure up the image of this 1948 Autocar C90 but the more I think of it the more I realize the trucks of the past will inherit the post apocalyptic future so popular with Hollywood. With durable engines and other user serviceable parts along with electronics impervious to EMP attacks this old Autocar might just outlast us all.

But seriously now, this truck was seen at the 2017 Empire State Antique Truck Association annual show. Thanks to Andy for the share!

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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PSA 19202017

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International Cargostar Memories

One of my first truck memories is of the International Cargostar used by the Village of East Syracuse to collect trash. It was a tandem axle truck with large float style tires on the front and painted orange like the rest of the fleet. Along with the plow trucks it was one of my favorite to watch from the front windows. The Cargostar was the front line garbage truck for years until it was retired to yard collection waste duty in the mid 90’s. Many a day has passed by when I wish I had a shot or two of that truck. For my second wish I would love a shot of the replacement truck to the IH, a FWD cab forward. That’s right. A FWD! I have never seen one since and have not been able to find a shot online to this very day. It had to be the early to mid 90’s when the truck was new and undoubtedly a rare model.

Anyway, this Cargostar looks nothing like the old garbage truck but it was enough to jump start the trip down memory lane. If you cruising along the coast of Marin County, California keep an eye out for this old rig. Thanks to Ryan for the share!

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Brockway 257 Tanker

Since were going to be talking about Brockways for the next few days with the national show just on the horizon we might as well start off with this 257 tanker that was up for grabs at the Luber Homes auction from back in May.

Powered by a Cummins and 10 speed Road Ranger this old truck was in fairly decent shape. There was some custom patch panels that were starting to show their age but they were light years ahead of the usual bondo jobs and a thousand times better than rust.

I wonder what it sold for?

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PSA # 3611973

Hey, look at this, I’m giving a heads up for a truck show before the actual day of the show! What a thought!

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Saunders Concrete

I have heard the rumors swirling for sometime now that local construction legend Saunders Concrete had been sold to industry giant Leigh Hanson. News broke in early July that L-H planned to purchase the assets of the company that include thirteen fixed plants, two mobile batch plants and nine aggregate operations (quarries). Sadly after 100 years of family ownership times have changed. It remains to be seen if Leigh Hanson will continue the concrete business of Saunders. As it currently stands Leigh has no cement operations in the Central New York area outside of a bulk terminal in Solvay, NY. Either this will be their first break into the market or they will simply add to their already extensive quarry operations. Either way, let us look back fondly at these photos from the past. I will miss these emerald green trucks on the roads of Central New York.

Here’s hoping for the best to the over 100 employees of the company.

And some video action.

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Autocar Mondays – 1942 M3 Half Track

Photos arrived today from the western front today, otherwise known as Stafford, New York of this 1942 Autocar M3 Half Track. The M3 was produced by all the truck divisions of the White Motor Company including Autocar and Diamond-T. The M3 saw action in nearly every theater of World War II and was used extensively by all Allied forces.

Powered by a White six cylinder gas engine matted to a 4 speed the M3 could carry up to 13 soldiers and their gear. Protection from enemy fire was made possible by 1/4 inch armor plate on sides and rear along with a 1/2 thick windshield plate. Top speed of the half-track was rated at 40 mph.

Nearly 41,000 M3 were built during war time by White and IHC (the M-5) which lead to an extensive long life for the machines during the next three decades. This particular truck was one of 16 units procured from Italy at the end of the war by Dewitt, Inc for use in building projects back in the United States that included the Mt. Morris dam and the New York Thruway.

It’s hard to believe how many of these truck were built back in the day yet exist in such small numbers now. A big thank you to Andy for sharing these photos.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured on Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today! 

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