Emergency Exit

This past summer I spent some time in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. One day the wife and I decided to visit the local roadside attraction of Crystal Cave. The idea of enjoying a simple road side attraction of days gone by while relieving the memories of Howe Caverns seemed like a great way to spend time. I’ve never considered myself to be a claustrophobic person but standing in the cavern with a group of strangers while watching the only exit fade away in the distance awoke an uneasy feeling in my mind. It was fascinating to view rock formations that have been 500,000 years in the making. It was less fascinating to be standing under a jagged looking fault line in which the earth nearly flipped itself over shearing the cavern in two a few thousand years ago. I’m glad the tour stopped for a good solid five minutes at this spot. It really gave my mind a chance to come up with some pleasent scenarios. Needless to say I was at the front of the line to leave the cave and rejoin the sane people who walk above the earth and not below it.

Maybe I would have felt a tiny bit better if I knew there was some other way out of the cave in the event the primary exit was lost. Even this old GMC would have calmed my nerves. Bobby sends in shots of a 1983 GMC 7000 that acts as the emergency hoist truck at the zinc mine where he works. This truck only has 7,000 miles on it and is still wearing the original tires it had on when it was purchased new at Briden Chevrolet. The truck is powered by a 427 connected to a 13 speed. The Timberland hoist on the rear is powered by a White 4 cylinder diesel.

It might not seem like much but when this truck is possibly your only way out of 1,500 deep hole in the ground you’ll be thanking your lucky stars it was around.

Seeing this truck makes me think back to the emergency that took place at the Morton Salt Mine under Cayuga lake two years ago. If you recall a crane had to be called in when the elevator that carries miners to the surface broke on the way up. Click here for more.

Thanks for sharing Bobby!

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At the Dealer – Trucks in the Sun

Look at this glorious site. Trucks! Clean trucks! Clean trucks in the sun! It has been months since I’ve seen anything close to this scene. And, to top it off, these trucks are in a color other than white! Amazing! I bet they are just flying off the lot. 

Adding to the mix of new trucks is this shot from Hugh. It’s a Peterbilt 567 with the full Canadian spec of twin steer axles up front and wide spaced rear axles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I prefer the look or rear discharge mixers.

A few more of the sun trucks.

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At the Dealer – International HX

Will the International HX be a worthy successor to the Paystar line of trucks? Only time will tell but based on looks alone I’m pleased with what I see. Here we have a HX620 with Henderson gear all around. You’ll notice in the gallery below it comes with a pre-wetting system. A PWS cuts the solid material with the agent of your choice (liquid rust) to help increase the effectiveness of anti icing material. When you look all this tech its hard to believe a guy used to ride in the back tossing out sand with a shovel!

And while we’re on the topic of a the HX here is it’s “lighter” brother, the HV. This technically may not be an HV but it has the looks. In a past life it was the Workstar. This truck here has a set forward axle that looks like ready to pass the bumper at any given moment. Viking equipment all around on this truck. Plus a chrome visor!

Multiple angles plus another HX

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Really Lost

Stare at this photo long enough and you will find the hidden Euclid bulldozer. Hard to believe such a fine and expensive piece of equipment was relegated to a junk pile but there it is. I suspect this to be a Euclid C-6. As you can see the blade is controlled by a cable hoist at the front of the machine. In latter models the cables would give way to single and rather large hydraulic ram. Without question a Detroit Diesel resides under the rusting sheet metal. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Now it’s possible I’ve shared these old military trucks on this page before but I can’t clearly remember if that is true. I’m a busy man and can’t be bothered to check. However, if you have the time on your hands or a better memory please feel free to let me know the error of my ways. Note the enclosures on the back of each truck. One can only wonder at what agricultural purpose these once served.

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The Super Puppy

The other day I was just cruising along when all of a sudden a wild Mack Superliner appeared. What else about the Superliner needs to be said that hasn’t been said? I’m guessing that in past years this truck was owned by Lan-Co, it just seems like their color scheme.

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Road Boss 2

Well, I was going to make a joke about the name Road Boss 2 sounding like a movie squeal title until I realized I already made that joke four years ago in this post. I guess it’s time for some new material. Based on the two tone greet paint job I would peg this truck as a former Suit Kote tractor. It’s possible in its later years with the company it was converted to a dump and probably used a site truck. Or maybe the dumper came along with the second or third owner. Yet another mystery of time and space that will go unsolved.

For all you White GMC/Volvo experts out there can you tell us if the green pencil graphic on this truck was a factory scheme or was that Suit Kote original? Here we see it on another truck of their fleet.

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New, Newer, Old

The age of the Star Car as the plow chassis of choice continues on, unbridled by no man or force of nature. Here we see the latest edition to the Village of Minoa DPW fleet. They picked up a WS 4700 with a Heil packer about a year ago and I’m fairly certain a year before that a 4700 single axle plow truck. This particular truck comes equipped with American plows and a Strong Box (?) brand roll off body.

Back in early March when snow was intolerable but still expected I came across a few trucks from the Town of Manlius Highway Department. I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of this little International of theirs for sometime now.

And my personal fav, one we’ve seen many times, truck 212 of the Syracuse DPW. Here we see it parked on Salina Street a few days before St. Patricks Day. I was hoping to catch some street cleaning action for the yearly parade but low and behold the night shift guys took care of it. I’m very disappointed. This new level of efficiency and common sense is cramping my style.

And here is a bunch of other stuff that is self explanatory. 🙂

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Still Working – International 2574

That old Loadstar from yesterday was a nice looking truck but personally I like this one a little better. The Town of Verona is still rolling with this nicely preserved 2574. The black strip up near the hood ads at least 5 mph to the top speed. The clear lights on the tab of the cab are also interesting. I would almost suspect to find them on a fire truck of some sort. Perhaps this truck is in it’s second municipal life? The old style detachable goose neck trailer out back is a perfect companion to this old truck. In fact, this would be a great setup to haul old trucks around to various shows. Keep an eye on those auction sites.

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The Infamous Loadstar

THE International Loadstar. Say that line like your an Ohio State football player introducing themselves on Sunday Night Football and will make sense. I came across this old truck a few weeks back on a farm outside of Rome, NY. This a later model Loadstar and represents one of the most popular and successful truck lines ever produced by International. Over the decades it could be had in a variety of gas and diesel powered option with numerous frame lengths and weight combos. It was THE medium truck of its time. Like this one, many can still be found working on farms across the country.

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Autocar Mondays – Lucky 13

When you see a still working Autocar DK from the land of rust you just have to stop for a picture even if old Mr. Sun is blaring directly into your lense. Overall I would give this truck a 9 out of 10 for general condition. The Town of Lyons is keeping this truck in excellent condition which is no small feet considering it is at least 30 years old. Besides this old Autocar, Lyons NY is also notable as being the birthplace of Syracuse men’s basketball head coach Jim Boeheim.

Do you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays? Email eric@dailydieseldose.com today!

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