ATHS 2006 National Convention – Baltimore, MD.

I enjoy the Back To The Future movies with the second film holding a special place in my heart. It’s hard to deny the coolness that is a time traveling Deloran but I think we can all agree the movies could have been better if some sort of semi truck was used. If such a time traveling vehicle existed we could all journey back to the 2006 ATHS National Convention in Baltimore and enjoy the event as it happened. Sadly the real world is fairly boring compared to the movies so these photos of my trip from seven years ago will have to suffice.

The 2006 convention was the second national meet I attended. The show was held on beautiful grounds of Carroll Park in the southwest of Baltimore. Despite early concerns that large vehicles would have difficulty in such an urban setting the park had more than enough space for vehicles of all sizes. The surrounding streets may have been a different story. This event was also the very first in which I started taking video of the trucks coming and going. The quality of the video is poor based on the camera of the time but still entertaining. Check on the video link at the top of the page to visit my Youtube channel for this original footage.

If I had to guess I probably only photographed a quarter of the trucks that made it to the show. The turn out and variety was exceptional. One that stood out in both photo and memory is this 1941 International DS300 with 17 original miles. Your eyes are not deceiving you.

The story of this truck reads as so. The International was one of five trucks purchased by Solider Brothers Trucking of Toldeo Ohio, in 1941. Four of the trucks were put to work while this International sat in the corner of the garage. With raw materials stretched because of WWII this truck was eventually pushed into service as an organ donor . Following the end of the war this truck continued to sit for another 50 years until the current owner began a five year restoration.

The Baltimore show provided plenty of trucks to gawk at like this mint 1940’s Autocar cement truck.

And this amazing first generation Superliner.

So take a moment and browse through the gallery below. If you happen to spot a truck that I misidentified please let me know.

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