The Way Back Forty

The more I look at these photos the more I realize the International K-Series line of trucks were sharp looking rigs. Even if their rusted state they are head turners and I wish we saw more of this vintage rig at truck shows. The squared nose trucks of the 70’s are the current hot trend but you can’t go wrong with the classic style of these 40’s era trucks.

With everyone freaking out about the return of winter (polar vortex will be our doom) it seems appropriate to lead off the photos with a shot of an old plow truck. As you can see the over all concept in plow equipment hasn’t changed much but the technology sure has. Check out those valves on the passenger side. Either they are connected to one hell of a heater or we’re looking at the wing controls.

The more things change the more things DON’T stay the same.

Moving backwards along the International Harvester trucks timeline we enter the 30’s and the age of the D-Series, the inspiration for the current halo truck, the LoneStar. Back in its heyday this truck must have been a real looker. Actually, I think it still is.

Alright, I know not all of you are International truck fans so here are two White Trucks, arguably two of their more successful models if you exclude the 3000.

Believe it or not this only covers two rows of classic trucks tucked away in the back corner of the Tackaberry collection. Take time to savor them before we move on.

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