Autocar Mondays – 1949 DC100 Tow Truck

Today for Autocar Mondays Jeremy shares with us a 1949 DC100 tow truck used by his grandfather and father in their towing business for many a year.  The truck started life with a gas engine that eventually gave way to a 250 Cummins. For towing power the Autocar employed a home built wrecker using a 40 ton Garwood main winch with a Branden winch for the boom and rear drag. For good measure an army surplus winch can be found up front. A 18K front axle with Ross air steer and 55k Rockwell differentials complete the equation.


This is what an Autocar should look like. There are many great details on this truck so take a moment to soak in all the detail.

At work.


*Bonus Autocar*

Here is a 1955 Autocar with 10 ton National crane used by Jeremy’s dad in his towing business. A 220 Cummins with 5+2 transmission were the power combo of the time.


A huge thank you goes out to Jeremy for sharing these great photos and answering all my questions about the trucks.

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