Autocar Mondays – 1955 Restored Beauty

Classic car guys have it easy when it comes to restorations. Parts are readily available in the form of used, NOS or reproduction pieces. There are even some manufacturers reproducing entire vehicles from OEM stampings. Just open your catalog and order what you need.¬†Old truck restorers don’t have the same luxuries. If you need something unique you have to go sources it from a donor truck or a junk yard the specializes in heavy trucks. Need a part for your Federal? Go find a junk yard. Need a chassis part for your Brockway? Go find a junk yard. Regardless of the vehicle being restored there is at least one common thread. There is a sweet spot between the money put into the project and the money that comes out of the project at sale time. Eventually you cross that line and you can never get back what you spent on time, labor or materials. Some restorations are a work of passion and selling the vehicles is not even a consideration. I wonder if that was the case with this 1955 Autocar flatbed?

I’ve seen this truck make the go around on ebay at least two times now. The starting bid price of 20,000 dollars may have something to do with so let’s take a look at what you are getting.

Autocar Flatbed

To begin, the truck is absolutely gorgeous. A two paint job of light green and brilliant white really work on this truck. Pin striping is found throughout. A painted grey bumper with chrome headlights, 5 inch stacks and aluminum tool bins really stand out. All the required Autocar detail pieces are here and in pristine condition.

$_57 (3)

The interior has received a custom grey velour interior along with air ride seats. All the original gauges are present and hooked to a new style GM 12 volt wiring and fuse system. Sharp eyes will notice the twin sticks of the Fuller RTO 9513 transmission with a 3 speed auxiliary transmission.

$_57 (2)

Behind the cab you have a custom built 21 foot Morgan deck complete with a Reese hitch. Looks like there is winch there as well.

$_57 (1)

Under the hood you have a small cam Cummins which the seller tells has been balanced, blueprinted and completely overhauled. Estimated HP of 490. A new jake brake, intercooler, upgraded turbo, pump and injectors tie it all together. The rear end consists of 1993 DS402 with 4.11 gearing. I’m guessing this truck doesn’t have any trouble getting out of its own way. The seller closes by telling us there is too much to list. I agree! What a fine looking machine. What do you think about the price? Could you do what has been done here for the opening bid price? Check out the official listing by clicking here.

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