You may have noticed that since Monday there have been no updates to this site. Believe it or not I was locked out! For the past three days I struggled to regain access only to be blocked at every turn. I became a leech desperately bothering anyone I could at the WordPress support forums. I read every illogical post that remotely had to do with my problem hoping to stumble across someone to share my misfortune with while attempting to find a solution. Finding no shoulders to cry on I googled incessantly. I cleared cookies and caches until I saw the menus in my sleep. FTP this. FTP that. Reconfigure. Rename. Reboot. This hobby began to feel like work. During the darker moments I seriously considered just walking away from it all together. Leaving the page permanently frozen on an Autocar Mondays post wasn’t that bad of an outcome I figured. Nothing lasts forever. After reaching monumental levels of frustration I finally traced the problem back to an overloaded MySQL server. The root caused happened to be the spam filter that is so desperately needed around here. Over 645,000 tables entries marking every instance of “Cheap Gucci Shoes” and “Free Viagra” posts had finally taken their toll. After a surprisingly brief conversation with my website host I was able to setup a new database server and migrate over the data. Now instead of megabytes of storage I have gigabytes. Bring on the spam! I guess running this website requires a little more than just posting truck photos. HA!


In order to get back on track I’m going to post two or three stories today so keep checking back to see what it is new!

[Daniel Craig/Flickr 2004]

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