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With the construction season drawing to a close, contractors and government agencies are busying finishing up their projects before the good weather is gone. This leads to plenty of activity for trucking companies of all sizes. Everyone from large corporate fleets to the owner/operator with just one truck hit the road to haul the loads and burn the miles. Today’s trucks belong to the later. As the case with the independent trucker it’s more common to see them running later model trucks. Don’t be fooled, they don’t run junk. Their trucks may be old but they are well cared for and maintained. After all, when you have just one or two trucks that determine if your family eats you have to keep them running.

I caught this early generation International Paystar leaving a construction site in downtown Syracuse the other day.

It belongs to White Trucking and is Detroit powered. I’ve seen a few other Paystars belonging to White Trucking in my travels like the blue one below.

Working around the corner on a resurfacing and curbing job was this Autocar. This particular model was produced after Volvo purchased the Autocar, White and GMC truck brands. As the years wore on the Autocar name would be dropped from the hood in favor of the Volvo band running across the grill. This truck belongs to Autocar Trucking. True to their name they run Autocars including some really vintage models. Keep visiting for more information on those trucks in the future.

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