Still Working – International Paystar 5000

The International Paystar 5000.  If I was forced to pick my favorite truck, the Paystar would be a strong contender.  In fact, the very first post on this site was about a truck like the one below.  The Paystar is the severe service truck of trucks in my humble opinion.  How can you go wrong with a solid steel bumper and construction stlye fenders?  You can’t.  The Paystar, a truck that has refused to evolve into a swoopy hood, fender skirted, aerodynamic highway cruiser.  This rig looks tough because it is tough.  That being said I was little unsure of what DDD category to place to this particular truck.  Lost and Found?  Still Working? As you can see the hood and grill have suffered as the result of traumatic accident. There is also some damage to the top of the cab. Maybe a roll over is to blame? The solid steel bumper looks straight but I don’t imagine that would even come close to denting in the event of a rear end collision. Chances are good some other piece of heavy equipment with a bigger and taller bumper than the Paystars backed into the grill. Either way, this truck now enjoys life like so many older Americans do, spending time on the golf course. This Paystar will probably be used as an unregistered site truck for the remainder of its years to haul mulch and top soil on the back nine. Enjoy you retirement!

International Paystar 5000 - Click to Enlarge

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