1976 International Trucks Bicentennial Calendar

A few years ago for my birthday my wife found this very vintage International Trucks calendar from 1976. I didn’t fully appreciate how awesome her find was until I was scanning these images the other day. The condition of the calendar itself is pristine, made of heavy paper with lithograph images of various International Trucks from years gone by. The ink and paper combination is so intense it almost resembles a painting.

International A8 Dump Truck

Seeing as it was published for 1976, the Bicentennial of the United States, various International trucks from the very start are superimposed alongside images of historic American triumphs. Below, we see the S.S. Ancon making the first passage through the newly opened Panama Canal.

International Model M Truck

Poking around the web reveals this style calendar was produced for a number of years for both IHC Truck and farm implement dealers and promotional items. You can find a number of these style calendars on ebay at this very moment. In fact, if you really like this one you can buy it now for 34.97 and receive five other years of calendars as well! Click here to view the listing. This particular calendar was printed up for Five Star International of Erie, Pa. Not only is this dealer still around but it has now grown to seven locations!

Check out the rest of the months by browsing the gallery below. Somehow how I missed the month of June when scanning which showcased a Model 63 outside of Yankee Stadium on opening day 1923. Check back for that one soon!

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