A Face for Radio

So did you notice that your favorite site was down for the count for most of the past 36 hours? Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know either. All it took to get back online was a short 45 minute call to tech support. It gave me plenty of time to reflect on what I’m doing around here and if it’s worth all the effort. Oh well. Live to fight another day.

The technical bugs of the past days don’t even begin to hold a candle to the struggle it was to put this video together. I knew it was a windy day when I shot this film but great googly moogly did it ever come through on video. It was so bad that I had to strip the audio and record the narration after the fact while adding in some background music. My hat is off the radio personalities who make small talk on the radio each day sound so easy. It’s not! It took me about a 25 takes just to get the product below. In the end it turned out OK but it’s not a situation I plan on repeating!

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5 Responses to A Face for Radio

  1. AndyinMA says:

    I noticed it was down, and i’m glad it’s back!

  2. Todd says:

    Keep up the good work! There are people out there enjoying it!

  3. Dave says:

    Ditto to Todd’s comments. My father and I are faithful followers, especially of Autocar Mondays.

    We appreciate your efforts Eric!


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