Accent on the Cool

This old WhiteGMC WHL(?) sure gets around. A few weeks ago I spied it behind a local hotel after a day on the job. It’s owned and operated by Accent Stripe. The name of the company is fairly self explanatory so the real question is what does a line striping company need with a dump truck? I’m guess this rig plays a role as a long blocker/crash protection truck. As I pulled away from taking this photo a worker was leaving the hotel and heading over toward the truck. I’m sure he wondered what I was doing.

White GMC COE Dump Truck

Just yesterday I received an email from Mark with shots of the very same truck! He also had the same question I did. How do you paint with a dump truck?

IMG_20150726_165539_092 (1024x663)

Neat old rig! That passenger side headlight seems to be taking more of beating with each passing day. So, who will be the next to find this old rig on the job?

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