Old Glory

I have to say, the website of the Nevada National Security Site is one of the more interesting government domains I have ever visited. And if the website is any indication than the actual 1,360 square mile physical facility (larger than Rhode Island) must be worth the visit.

Located in a remote, highly secure area of southern Nevada, the NNSS is a premier outdoor, indoor, and underground national laboratory. It is a preferred location for experiments supporting the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)’s nuclear weapons Stockpile Stewardship Programs, national defense programs, and national security research, development and training programs, as well as vital programs of other federal agencies.

That description sounds a little dry but the NNSS is home to BEEF, the Big Experimental Explosives Facility. Anytime your dealing with big experimental explosives you must have big cranes. Case in point, this Manitowoc.

I have a feeling this might be a one off model. Anyone out there have a guess? By the way, the NNSS was holding a crane name contest for this old brute. Last I checked Leona was in the lead. At least that is better that Craney McCraneFace.

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