Allis Chalmers M100 Graders

Here’s important news from one of the world’s foremost producers of quality construction machinery.

I want one now, it seems like the perfect machine.

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  1. Andy R. says:

    I had the “fun” opportunity to get an old A-C 45 grader (think it was a 45) back in loose operating order years or so ago…
    It had about 3000 little u joints just like this one… The owner wanted me to grease them all, so I went about doing that… After we started it up and gave everything a go. This one had a cab on it, and the windshield had a bunch of little pin point cracks on the lower part of it… About level with the blade handles… I didnt think anything of it, other than kids with a BB gun.
    I soon found out they were NOT from BB’s.
    With the throttle up a bit, I grabbed the first handle to see what it did. It worked just fine. Then the second handle… I grabbed right on the nob and pulled back… Seemed to work ok, but then the handle started to shunt slightly back and forth, then all of a sudden it really started to grab and a second later, with my knuckles between the nob and windshield, WHAM!!! My hand was sent right into the windshield, right where those cracks were.
    You learn something new everyday… I learned, on shitty PTO driven, machines with 3000 u joints that havent been greased since it was new, you pull the leavers back with your fingers so that the handle can pull out of them…
    We never did get it running correctly. It was sold off to a horse farm in North Chittenango so that they could keep their horse trotter track nice.

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