An Old Standard

In these dog days of summer let us partake in the time honored tradition of looking at snow fighting equipment. Here is a photo of truck 212 of the Syracuse DPW fleet. When you see this truck on the street along with its twin (possible triplet?) you know winter has set in for the season. I took this photo right at the start of the new year when the truck was at the local spring shop.

A few days later truck 216 showed up in the soon to be auctioned section of the DPW yard. That’s not a good place for a dedicated snow fighter to be parked in winter. To this day it is still located in this lineup. Sad!

Over on the county side of things they have decided to keep their Paystar in active service…as of now.

In the gallery below we have many items starting with more Syracuse DPW trucks that went across the block, new trucks, old trucks, working trucks, and a bunch of OCDOT trucks basking in the evening sun.

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