Ancient Oshkosh – Oshkosh W-2211

They say age is just a number. You could consider it a philosophy that this old Oshkosh takes to heart considering it still sees active duty on a winding driveway in the hills of Fenner, NY. If you are familiar with the area you the know the hills are steep and numerous. You better believe this old W-2211 can still run with the big dogs when needed. Just a few years ago after a fierce storm this ‘Kosh found it’s way on to the local roads and ended up plowing out two modern trucks that had succumbed to the snow. Long live the old iron!

What a view!

A big thanks to Paul for letting me and a bunch of other truck fools wander around his collection of trucks. Make sure you take a look at that 1966 FWD truck.

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  1. joe says:

    I remember that Fenner ’59 Oshkosh well. I fact at that time they had three Oshkosh’s in the fleet. Glad to see Paul kept her alive and in one piece! I am also glad to see he saved that old Smithfield Galion roller too. Very cool.

    That ex-Smithfield FWD is really in nice shape. I know they re-powered it with a DT-466 replacing the original Red Diamond 501 gas engine. There was another one of these Dodge cab FWD’s in their fleet at one time too but it has been gone for several years now.

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