Angle after Angle

When you bring up the Corbitt name the truck below is not what comes to my mind. Instead, I envision a single axle truck, spoke wheels, gas power and only enough accessories to get the job done. So imagine my surprise when I spotted this tandem axle Corbitt crusing the show field at the 2018 ATHS National Show. This truck probably has a bunch of interesting stories associated with it. On the door the logo for the U.S. Department of the Interior still remains with the subscript Office of Youth Programs. Around the other side of the cab the Job Corps logo. Up front an interesting set of red lamps. What it used to train people how to drive truck? Fix truck? Blow up truck? Something truck related no doubt.

I’ve been told my folks that are serious about building truck models that they can never have enough angles for reference purposes. Maybe that’s what was in my mind when took shoot after shot of this old L Series Mack.

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  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    The red lights. Maybe by the age of this truck, Civil Defense might be the underlying purpose of those lights. All hands on deck!

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