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Today, a semi random collection of photos from various construction jobs taking place around downtown Syracuse, NY. We’ll start off with the crown jewel of all current projects, the Hotel Syracuse renovation.

While most of the work to this grand hotel has taken place inside there still was a fair amount of heavy construction to the outside in the form of sidewalks, street paving and utilities. Here we see an Riccelli Ready Mix truck laying a base for granite curbs. Whatever comes out of this truck is not concrete as I know it. The mix appears dry and almost sand/gravel like. Maybe it mixed with water later to set up? And yes, that is smiling face of Billy Fuccillo on the side of that drum. I thought I had escaped his incessant ads when I cut my cable service and began listing to a commercial free contemporary Christian radio station. Wrong, Fuccillo is too huge to escape. I wonder what the rate on this advertisement is? Can’t you just see the Daily Diesel Dose logo on this truck?

Riccelli Northern Ready Mix

Around the corner from the hotel this Mack Midliner was being used to haul parts for a new traffic signal. I had to take a picture of this truck simply because it is as rare as it is goofy. I really believed the Midliner was a truck that existed only in the 80’s but a little research shows that it was offered by Mack right through the year 2000! The cab was of European design and construction, the result of four manufacturers coming together to share resources as a way to remain competitive in the class 6 and 7 markets. Syracuse Signal Systems is one of my favorite local contractors simply because they run such a eclectic mix of older trucks.

Mack Midliner

This MicroPaving unit of Suit-Kote was spied in the heart of downtown far from any road construction projects. I’ve never seen Suit-Kote trucks working on city streets and suspect the driver was lost.

Suit Kote

And a whole hodgepodge of stuff. Who says downtown is dead?


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