At Auction – International R-190 4×4

Another day, another vintage plow! Two days ago I went to an auction that featured, among other things, a 60’s something International R-190 snow plow. This truck was equipped with a factory four wheel drive system, air breaks and a 6 cylinder International gas engine. In addition to the home made plow up front there at at one time was a wing that disappeared decades ago. All things considered this R-190 was very solid for a plow that served in the the salt encrusted lands of the Northeast. There was very little rot to be found in the usual places around doors and cab corners. The hydraulic systems for the plow still worked and the engine ran like the day it rolled off the assembly line. The chrome pieces on the grill were straight with only minor dings. Unfortunately the smallest exhaust pipe in the world was busy strangling the engine of both power and sound. Under a thick layer of red paint existed blue and yellow tones suggesting a possible past life as a NYS DOT truck. I couldn’t find any evidence to support this theory or any other for that matter. The auction hammer eventually dropped at 1,300 USD. A decent price. Hopefully it won’t head be heading to the scrap yard any time soon.

Here is a video tour of the truck.

Also on the auction list where two cranes of the 50 and 90 ton varieties. The 90 ton was a Detroit powered behemoth. Coverage to follow!

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