At the Dealer – International 9900i and Mack Pinnacle

Two beautiful trucks today courtesy of the dealer lots at Stadium International and Beam Mack. I am pleased that International has decided to keep the 9900i line going in these days of strange bubble curve looking trucks. This truck is sporting a Maxxforce engine which makes it a last of breed. I believe any new 9900i is available only with the Cummins ISX15.

International 9900 – Click to Enlarge

Also representing a more “throw back” look is this Mack Pinnacle. We live in a strange world in which the Pinnacle name is bolted upon two different trucks. The example below is the daycab setup. If you were to order a Pinnacle with a sleeper you would get an completely different looking truck.

Mack Pinnacle DayCab – Click to Enlarge

The sleeper version looks like this.

Mack Pinnacle Sleeper – Click to Enlarge

Sharp looking trucks no matter the name.


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