At the Dealer – Old Cats and Fords

It had been awhile since my last visit the Syracuse branch of Milton Cat so last weekend I found a few minutes to swing by and check out what was new. Surprise, surprise I was more interested in the old relics in the yard than any of the factory fresh equipment.

My eye was immediately drawn to this behemoth 988H wheel loader. Well used is an understatement when attempting to describe this machine. I don’t think there is one square inch that doesn’t have a dent or scrape.


When I first saw this Ford it immediately reminded me of the “screaming Ford” used by the King of Obsolete. Since his time on the latest season of Ice Road Truckers I have been meaning to create a post about this gentleman who uses old technology (think 30’s and 40’s) to make a living at the end of human civilization outside of Manitoba, Canada.


I really suggest checking out his website by clicking the link above. For all those that screamed about IRT being fake here is your chance to see the real deal. I’ve just started to scratch the surface of his site. There is something for everyone! Hear the ’78 “screaming Ford” in action as it was meant to be. Somehow the editors of IRT were able to silence a 318 Detroit. Go figure.

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  1. Gary Norton says:

    I was wondering how much the black Ford L9000 with the 210 Prentice Loader on it is?

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