At the Dealer – Unique Rides

Do you know what this machine is? Without its signature treads it doesn’t look like much but with them it’s a formidable snow traveling machine. The PistenBully 400 is multi use tool for grooming ski slopes and other snow parks. I didn’t realize it but these vehicles come equipped with a massive four ton winch in the back that is able to rotate independently of the vehicle. The winch cable is connected to a fixed point on the mountain and provides increased stability and traction. Cool. Click here to learn more and see a really well done video of the 400 in action. Seen at the local Cummins dealer.


On the other side of town at Milton Cat this Timberjack harvester was near the used equipment portion of the lot. Seeing this harvester reminded me of the great show on the Discovery Channel, American Loggers.  Back when it was still on Netflix I would the seasons over and over. It never got old. My favorite part was scanning the back of each scene to catch a glimpse of the older iron lurking in the background. Plenty of old Macks and Internationals to be found.


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