At the Dealer – West Coast Edition

It’s no secret that things are done a little different on the west coast. When it comes to trucks they tend to have a longer wheel base, larger engines and of course, more chrome.

Check out this Freightliner 122SD complete with DD13, 8LL trans, 14,000 lb front axle and 40,000 pound rears on Haulmaxx suspension setup. 

Maybe one of the most quintessential west coast setups is the transfer dump. If you’re confused on how they work check out this video. It’s easier than typing up an explanation. This particular setup uses the DD13 and a 13 speed.

Yes, everything on the west coast has to look nice because they get all that sun. Back east we get to hid behind gloomy skies and road salt covered trucks. What’s the point of having nice stuff if you can never see it?

 Check out this setup. Wow!

A big thanks to Dan for sending over these shots. It’s always fun to see how things are done outside of your regular part of the world.

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