At the Dealer – Wintertime Arrivals

The good folks at Stadium International were kind enough to park the two newest International models side by side for easy comparison. On the left, the successor to the Paystar line of trucks, the HX. On the right, the successor to the ProStar, the LT. As I drove by these trucks I said out loud “Hmm, the new Internationals are in early this year” and then I realized I had just quoted the Blues Brothers. I’m not sure why I said this as I really have no idea when new Class 8 trucks show up on dealer lots.

Now that the HX and LT are on the scene that leaves the WorkStar and DuraStar as the oldest models in the lineup. Word on the street is that a refreshed WorkStar will be unveiled later this year. Below, the current offering.

On the Daimler front here is a new Western Star 4700. Sorry, no wing on this one and no idea where it is going. 🙁

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