Autocar DC-75T Wrecker

Autocar Monday lives to fight another day with thanks to this vintage DC-75T that was located at the Dobbins Auto Parts auction. To the best of my knowledge this truck was not for sale. Wandering through the auction Saturday I came across many vehicles that were marked “not in auction” or “not selling”. It appeared the good stuff was not for sale. I’ve heard that as the day went on more and more items were removed from the auction block. There was a large collection of military jeeps for sale. Most in running condition or not far off. A few days before the auction Military Police officials from nearby Fort Drum called to inform the seller that the jeeps may not be eligible for road use….ever! Come Saturday an official decision had yet to be made but that didn’t stop people from buying. *UPDATE* The Jeeps have yet to be released. The Watertown Daily Times has an in depth article that you can read by clicking here.

Autocar DC75 – Click to Enlarge

But moving on to the reason we are all here, the DC-75T! This Autocar must have been a great looking machine back in the day. Who am I kidding, this truck still looks great in its current condition. I would love to see it running again. This rig is Cummins powered and equipped with a Holmes 750 wrecker. Can it be saved? Maybe. The cab appeared solid and a pair of “better” fenders were nearby. Probably the biggest obstacle would be convincing the current owner to sell!


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4 Responses to Autocar DC-75T Wrecker

  1. Joe Kelly says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I was hoping someone would make it to this auction and even better, take pictures. Great work Eric!

    This is even better than I expected. The advertisement for the auction only listed one Walter actually for sale. I never thought there may have been more. More lost Onondaga County trucks found! Fantastic and right up my alley as you know.

    The ad also listed an International A-160 4×4 snow blower. Did you happen to shoot that one?

    • Joe Kelly says:

      Ooops. I meant to post this reply under the Walter section. Sorry about that.

    • Eric says:

      Yes I did Joe. Stay tuned! Please feel free to use any of the photos you want for your Flickr Stream.

      • Joe Kelly says:

        Thanks Eric. I appreciate it. It will be good to add the Walter’s to my Onondaga County set over there. I wonder what year the No. 104 was? Was that the only Onondaga County truck there?

        Back in 1992, they auctioned what may have been the last two Walter’s in the fleet. Both were 1959 ACRS models, double wings and had the 4-wheel steering option. Unfortunately, none of the pictures I took that day came out.

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