Autocar Mondays – 1954 DC75

This 1954 DC-75 looks so nice that you would think it rolled right out of a museum. Guess what, it did! Coming from the Keystone Truck and Tractor museum in  Colonial Heights VA this Autocar represents the iconic trucks of yesteryear that made up the thousands upon thousands of regional fleets found across the country.

Autocar DC75

Making the trip from Virginia to the ATCA show in Athens Ontario was no small undertaking but this truck was part of entire convoy. Make sure to check out the museum website noted above to get a feel for what there is to see and do. They even have a BBQ joint on premise!

Autocar DC-75

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  1. Ed Vanderwall says:

    I visited the Keystone Museum last fall on my way to Florida. Visible and easy on/off from I-95. Remarkable collection and well worth a visit. Food’s good also.

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