Autocar Mondays – Aluminum Recycling

The beer can in your hand this holiday weekend has something in common with this Autocar. They’re both cool and made of aluminum. But please, whatever you do, do not attempt to crush the Autocar on your forehead.

Ed sends along these great shots of a 1958 A-75T currently residing in Colonie, NY. The current owner kept an eye on this rig for a number of years as it hauled a dump trailer between a gravel pit in Troy and a block company in Colonie. After the truck was parked for the last time a deal was eventually struck that put the Autocar in good hands and awaiting a restoration. It’s currently in line behind two 1940’s Internationals. Patience is a virtue.


With an aluminum frame, cab, and hood this truck has aged well with regards to the tin worm. Between the fiberglass fenders you’ll find a 220HP Cummins connected to a 10 speed Fuller transmission.


What a great find. If I was the owner I would be half tempted to put the truck back in mechanical shape and then run it as it is. You just can’t beat that original look. Thanks for sharing Ed.

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