Autocar Mondays – An ACL by Any Other Name

Yesterday we took a look at a Duplex truck that clearly was an International R-190 in everything but name. Today we have a similar truck in the form of this 1988 WhiteGMC. We all know by this point in time the White and GMC heavy truck brands were under the umbrella of Volvo. This also included the Autocar nameplate. 

When John sent me this photo as a candidate for Autocar Mondays I thought it was fairly obvious suggestion until I actually read the details of his email and looked closely at the truck. You’ll notice it has no Autocar badging despite clearly being an ACL model.

As you can see this 1988 model is still going strong and is in amazing shape. Around this time you could still buy a new Autocar DK so I’m guessing when that line was eventually retired, along with the WhiteGMC moniker, this truck became the default heavy duty Autocar truck.

Nice catch John. Thanks for the share!

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