Autocar Mondays – Bad Brakes

All the way back in October of 2020 I stopped at the Golden Arches in Fulton, NY. This is a great location due to its proximity to Fulton Spring. While I was waiting in line I was able to drool over this slightly wrecked Autocar.

I would find out later on FB that the driver lost his brakes while heading downhill forcing him to nose into a pile of gravel.

Thankfully everyone was Ok. And, as you can see from these photos taken by TractorChasers on Instagram the truck has been rebuilt.

As fate would have it I was on my way to Oswego today when i saw this very truck on a lowboy heading south! Small world!

Make sure to give TractorChasers on IG a follow!

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2 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Bad Brakes

  1. Dave says:

    Are you sure it’s the same truck Eric? It’s very similar for sure, but a number of details jump out at me as different – classic bubble gum type light on the cab, Mack mirror, diamond plate battery box cover, black hydraulic tank, headlights mounted higher, cab shield brace removed, marker light on fender…

    • Eric says:

      Hmm, some good points there but I still think it’s the same truck. Maybe they took the accident repairs as a chance to change some things around. It was at the shop for over 6 months.

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