Autocar Mondays – DC and DK

Today we have two prime examples of historic Autocar models. The DC and the DK. Take a look at this truck and tell me you don’t want one of your own. Immaculate! And built for heavy duty work.

Autocar DC Truck

Check out this setup with a winch and Talbert ramps. Load em up heavy. This truck can handle it.

Talbert ramps

This DC was fairly quiet at the show. I was hoping for a more beastly rumble but you can’t have it all I suppose. Some speculation exists that this truck was possibly repowered in later years due to the large and seemingly custom mounted Farr air cleaner on the side.

Autocar DC

Short video of it cruising.

Fast forward to 1986 and this DK-64B of Colombo Transportation Lines.


I don’t have too many angles of this one but I did grab an interior shot of the cab.

Autocar DK interior

Another short video.

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