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If you’ve ever spent any time travelling Interstate 81 North or South between Syracuse and the Canadian border you know that there isn’t much to see. Just about the only thing that keeps you awake is the constant threat of State Police and U.S. Border Patrol lurking in the turnarounds. Besides the trees there always seems to be a steady stream of new trucks heading south with Peterbilt being the most common nameplate. Apparently if you head a few hundreds miles to the east and visit the border crossing near Champlain, NY the Peterbilts transition over to Autocars. That’s where Hugh spotted this brand new Xpeditor.

It’s an interesting setup with what appears to be a tag axle out back. The majority of the time these are destined for the refuse industry but perhaps this truck is heading down a different road? If you have a guess drop a comment below.

Thanks for the photo Hugh! If you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays email today!

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  1. Seth Granville says:

    I, personally, haven’t seen a current model Autocar Xpeditor used in anything except sanitation roles, but I think it would be great for other industries as well. Also, maybe it’s just the photo angle, but the chassis looks pretty short.

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