Autocar Mondays – Get What You Pay For

Today we have a well preserved 1978 Autocar DC that at one time was in the service of the Suffolk County weights and measurement division. Somehow this old truck retired to a private collection without having the official seal spray painted over. Major score. I’ve got to think that when this rig was in active service it was used to verify scales a tad larger than the ones found at your local supermarket checkout.

IMG_1732 (1024x620)

This truck has been seen floating around various shows and events of Western New York over the last year but I have yet to cross paths with it. Andy captured these photos last year at the Pageant of Steam in Canandaigua, NY where the crane arm out back was used to load a massive hit or miss engine onto the rear deck.

IMG_1800 (1024x758)

Thanks for the share Andy!

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