Autocar Mondays – Madlibs

Have you ever wanted to create your own 1954 Autocar from the ground up? Now is your chance.

As we saw the other day Ryan took a great selection of shots from the ATHS Central California chapter truck show, one of which was this neat looking Autocar. Ryan’s photos are usually intense when it comes to size and resolution so I was hoping to zoom in on the show tag to get the exact model of this truck. The image quality didn’t disappoint but the tag sure did. All it reads is 1954 Autocar. Not very helpful at all.

IMG_2935 (1024x683)

Taking what little information was available I flipped through the book Autocar Trucks of the 1950’s by Ron Adams to see if I could pinpoint the specifics of the truck. What I found was a dizzying variety of options and features. I can’t really be sure about thing regarding this rig so I figured I’d have a little fun and pick bits and pieces from the list to make my own truck. Something like Madlibs for Autocar Trucks.

Below you can plug in your choices from the items listed below. I’m sure there were many other combinations and options available at the time. If you know of any leave a comment below.

My 1954 Autocar DC75 is all original with the factory supplied Drivers Sleeper Cab. It still has its original (engine) with (transmission). The rear axles are (rears) and can still haul a heavy load with ease. The truck still runs (tire size) on an original (wheelbase) 

Engine Choices

NHB 200 Cummins, NH 200 Cummins, Cummins HRF

Transmission Choices

Spicer 6453,  Fuller R960, Five Speed Main with 3 speed Aux, 10 Speed Main,


Timken Rear Axle, White Motor Company 134C, Rockwell SRHD

Front Axle

Rockwell FE900

Wheelbase (inches)

147, 142, 165

Tire Size

10:00/22, 11:00/20, 10:00/20

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4 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Madlibs

  1. Steve Simon says:

    I got a little more detail from the owner at the show. He repowered with a Cummins ISX and DPF particulate filter so he can comply with CA emission regs.

  2. Dave Anderson D & S Trucking says:

    I have owned and made my living with this truck for 30 years. it hauls lumber from northern to central California, averaging 65000 miles annually. it currently has an N14 Cummins, Particulate Filter, a 1462 6 speed main and 1241 4 speed aux transmission, R170 rear axle with 4.33 gears and 11 24.5 tires. It is legal through 2020, at which time I will install an ISX Cummins with DEF burner. With all of the attrition and government mismangement of the trucking industry, it makes a nice statement back at the Authority that means to put the Independant out of business. Still alive and well.

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