Autocar Mondays – One More Storm

So what do you think about this old rig? Does it have enough life in it to plow during one more storm? Considering that it is an Autocar the answer is undoubtedly yes.

Marc came across this truck awhile back but only recently stopped for a photograph. I’m glad he did as this is a very unique truck by the standards of today. It’s hard to tell exactly the year of this Autocar but by looking at the cab we can see it is NOT the Driver’s Cab style introduced in 1950. This fact alone tells us the truck is most likely from the late 1940’s.

You’ll also notice the use single rubber on the drive axle. This was a common setup in the old days on plow trucks. It might be the yellow color but I’m getting an airport vibe from this truck. I can just picture it with large block numbers painted on the bed with a rollover plow up front. Thanks again to Marc for sharing this great photo.

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3 Responses to Autocar Mondays – One More Storm

  1. Dave says:

    Has anyone seen this type of hitch before?

  2. Mark says:

    IF this is the one I think it is, south of York PA now, it is actually a 4×4, and was brought back east from it’s former County or Municipal owner in Wisconsin.

    To sort of answer the previous posts, yes I have seen this plow equipment setup before, but I forget offhand who made it. The “handle”, if you’re looking at what I think you area, I’m quite sure you’d find is just a remaining brace from a long- departed wing post.

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