Autocar Mondays – Out in the Rain

This weekend the 37th annual ATCA National Meeting takes place on the beautiful grounds of Memorial Park in Macungie, PA. This truck show is no stranger to the pages of Daily Diesel Dose with plenty of photos and videos originatingĀ from this great event.

The weather usually cooperates for this two day show but there have been some weekends in recent memory where the rain fell often and heavy. Those are the years in which the famous Macungie Mud traps man and machine alike.

This particular photo comes from the 2009 show, perhaps one of the most famous mud years ever to have taken place. I made the trek out to the show with my father. We came prepared with ponchos but ultimately they proved to be futile act of resistance. After toughing it out for a few hours we head back to the car. Removing our soaked shoes and socks we looked at each and agreed that we would never again attend in the show in the pouring rain again.

Even with the torrential rains plenty of trucks were on hand like this 1950 C90D that was worth a moment of reflection. Complete with sand traction tanks in front of the drives and what appears to be a tag axle of sorts behind the fifth wheel it is a classic piece of Autocar history. This truck is wearing the Frame’s livery, a historic fallen flag trucking company well know throughout Pennsylvania.

Autocar C90D

So far the weather forecast for this weekend is calling for mid 80’s with a partly cloudy sky. Keep you fingers crossed!

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