Autocar Mondays – Out to Pasture

Today we have a pair of Autocar ACL64B models that joined the Town of Sullivan, NY in back to back years but will leaving together once the auction hammer falls.

Truck #10 is a 1992 ACL64B with a Cummins LTA-10 285HP diesel matched to a Fuller RTOF14708LL transmission. During the winter months this truck would wear an Everest one-way & right side wing plow combo along with a fiberglass frame mount sander.

Autocar ACL64B

As 1991 model truck 17 is nearly identical to its younger brother in every way except for a difference in wheelbase length. Both trucks were spec’d with the same engine, transmission and steel butterfly hood. Once again, Everest plows and tub sander complete the snow fighting arsenal.


So what is to become of these trucks? Former Town of Sullivan employee and all around plow expert Joe Kelly first spotted these trucks being prepped for auction when he stopped by for a visit back in October of 2014. I later caught the pair sitting in the Town Hall parking lot in late July of this year. As of last Wednesday they were still there! So far they have yet to show up on any of the usual online auctions places for municipal equipment so I guess you still have time to get your ducks in order if you want these two rigs.

A huge thank you to Joe for compiling the relevant information on these trucks and so many others that once worked the roads in the Town of Sullivan. Check out his flickr gallery to see more shots of the trucks above along with Brockways, Walter Snow Fighters and more!

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